Truckload 2022: How ISAAC Reduces Driver Frustrations

Mar 31, 2022

ISAAC’s second appearance at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual conference was even more exciting than our first appearance. Truckload 2022 gave us the chance to share how our technology can help fleets improve their operations. It also gave ISAAC’s team the opportunity to give back to the industry.

Reducing driver frustrations

Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, co-founder and executive president of sales, shared with attendees how ISAAC’s solution tackles driver frustrations. His Express Talk in the exhibit hall outlined how automation and ISAAC’s contextual single-screen workflow makes it easy for drivers to use the system with minimal training. The durable hardware provided to drivers is well suited to their harsh work environment, while CoPilot Navigation provides detailed routing information.

Additionally, he demonstrated how the ISAAC Coach provides real-time driving advice and helps fleets implement a performance-based incentive program. With fuel prices at near-record levels, that added efficiency has never been as important.

Fleets using our solution also have the option to use the Drivewyze PreClear weigh stations bypass service. We recommend fleets read Drivewyze’s E-book on driver retention. Its survey of more than 1,300 drivers illustrates how pay, treatment and easy-to-use technology all play roles in keeping drivers with your fleet over the long haul.

Challenger Motor Freight wins major honor

Challenger Motor Freight honored at TCA

We were beaming with pride to witness Challenger Motor Freight, ISAAC’s client, named the 2022 Best Fleet to Drive For in the large carrier category. Challenger has more than 1,000 drivers. Its fleet had been named to the Best Fleets Top 20 list multiple times, but this was the first time it earned the overall award.

Drivers must nominate their fleets, for them to be considered. Knowing these same drivers rely on our technology to assist them safely and efficiently deliver freight is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. In Challenger’s case, it was even more personal. Recently, Mark Greco, a long-time Challenger employee, joined the ISAAC product team. Greco shared his thoughts on how Challenger has successfully developed a “people-first” culture with Fleet Owner magazine.

Thank you Highway Angels

We extend our sincere gratitude to Christopher Lloyd, who was named Highway Angel of the Year. The driver with Airline Transportation Specialists jumped into action when he came upon a vehicle engulfed in flames. Lloyd called 911, grabbed his fire extinguisher and rushed over to the vehicle. Thanks in large part to Lloyd’s efforts, the driver and passenger of the vehicle survived. The heroism of Lloyd and the other finalists are truly inspiring.

Bowling for a good cause

ISAAC at Truckload Strong bowling event.

The ISAAC team on site in Las Vegas was thrilled to take part in the fourth annual Truckload Strong Fundraiser. The event at Brooklyn Bowl raised more than $115,000. Proceeds go toward supporting TCA’s major initiatives and programs, including the Truckload Strong campaign.

ISAAC was among the companies sponsoring a lane at the sold-out event. While our team, which included several VIP guests, may not have gotten the highest scores, we definitely looked sharp in our “Telematics Fanatics” shirts. ISAAC colleagues also donated new children’s books as part of TCA’s efforts to support a Las Vegas hospital’s literacy program.

A busy April ahead

With Truckload 2022 behind us, we’re preparing for our multiple opportunities to connect with you in April. In the United States, we’re exhibiting for the first time at the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) and National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) annual meetings.

We’re also presenting at American Trucking Associations’ Safety, Security & Human Resources national conference. In Canada, you can connect with us at Truck World or the ACQ National Congress. To learn more and book a meeting with our experts, visit our Upcoming Events page.


Time to move forward with managed technology

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