Why Cybersecurity for Your Trucking Fleet Should Be Top Priority

Jun 6, 2024

Trucking companies face more cyberthreats than ever before. Technology is essential for planning routes, maintaining vehicles, and communication, but it also makes carriers vulnerable to cyberattacks—a risk that cybersecurity for trucking fleets helps to manage.

For example, in 2020, a ransomware attack targeted Forward Air, a large trucking and logistics company, disrupting its operations and causing significant financial losses. Similarly, in 2021, trucking giant J.B. Hunt was targeted by a cyberattack that compromised employee information.

The average cost of a data breach in 2023 was 4.45 million US dollars, highlighting the financial risk involved. Moreover, 75% of cybersecurity professionals view the current threat landscape as the most challenging in the past five years.

Protecting your fleet from these threats with cybersecurity solutions for trucking is crucial to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

Conduct regular risk assessments

Regular risk assessments help you find weaknesses and prevent threats. Think of it as checking your trucks regularly to prevent breakdowns. Do security checks often and work with experts to find and fix problems.

Truck driver performing vehicle inspection using a digital tablet.

At ISAAC, we perform thorough ISO 27001:2013 certification testing to identify and eliminate any weak spots within the ISAAC Platform. Our experts handle the hard work for you, ensuring your fleet’s security and minimizing risks according to fleet security best practices, just like regular truck inspections prevent on-road failures.

Implement strong authentication measures

Strong authentication protects your systems from unauthorized access and keeps sensitive data safe. It’s like having multiple locks on your warehouse doors. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all system access points in your fleet, which requires more than one way to verify identity, like a password and a fingerprint. For example, you could set up MFA on your email accounts and company portals to add an extra layer of protection.

Person using multi-factor authentication on a smartphone and laptop.

Keep all software updated

Keeping your software updated defends you against new threats and vulnerabilities. Just like trucks need regular oil changes, your software needs regular updates to guarantee secure trucking operations. Set up automatic software updates to ensure your systems are optimized for truck fleet data protection. For instance, enable automatic updates on your operating systems and key applications to ensure they are always at the latest available version.

ISAAC ensures all software stays up-to-date, as required by ISO 27001:2013 standards. This includes automatic updates and patch management, keeping your systems safe from new threats without you having to take action.

Train your staff on cybersecurity best practices

Training your staff on cybersecurity for trucking fleets is crucial. Think of it like teaching your drivers the best practices for road safety. Create ongoing training programs and hold regular security awareness sessions to ensure that your team is aware of trucking cybersecurity threats. You could start with simple online courses on cybersecurity basics and hold regular meetings to discuss new threats and safe practices.

Team in a training session discussing cybersecurity best practices.

At ISAAC, we provide our team with comprehensive cybersecurity training programs focused on spotting threats and practicing safe behaviors. Well-trained staff is the first line of defense, as we strive to reduce the risk of human error and avoid security breaches on our clients’ ISAAC Platforms.

Use encryption in fleet communications

Encryption keeps data safe during transmission. Picture it as sending a locked package that only the recipient can open. Make sure all data sent between devices and your offices is encrypted using industry-standard protocols. For example, use encrypted messaging apps like Signal or secure email services to protect your communications.

At ISAAC, we use strong encryption methods such as WPA2 and WPA3 to secure all communications. This protects sensitive information from being intercepted in the same way a locked package keeps its contents safe from prying eyes. We handle the encryption for you, ensuring all your data is secure.

Secure mobile devices and endpoints

Mobile devices and endpoints are common targets for attacks and must be securely managed. Think of them as entry points to your fleet yard. Use mobile device management (MDM) solutions to enforce security policies and manage updates. For instance, you can use MDM solutions like Microsoft Intune or AirWatch to control and secure mobile devices used by your staff.

ISAAC’s MDM practices enforce strict security rules, perform regular checks, and manage updates. This is like installing strong gates and surveillance systems at all entry points to prevent unauthorized access. We take care of everything, so your mobile devices stay secure without effort  on your part.

Monitor and control network access

Monitoring and controlling network access helps prevent unauthorized entry and breaches. Imagine having security cameras and guards monitoring your fleet yard. Use advanced tools to oversee access and detect any suspicious activity. For example, use network monitoring tools like SolarWinds or PRTG Network Monitor to keep an eye on your network traffic.

Our sophisticated tools analyze network traffic and detect anomalies, keeping your network safe and optimizing cybersecurity for trucking fleets. to any suspicious activity, much like security cameras alert guards to potential intruders. With ISAAC, we monitor your network 24/7, so you don’t have to worry.

Develop a comprehensive incident response plan

Having a clear incident response plan is critical for minimizing the impact of cybersecurity incidents. Think of it as having an emergency response plan for accidents. Develop and regularly update a plan with steps for isolation, communication, and recovery. For example, create a checklist of steps to take if a cyberattack occurs, and make sure everyone knows their role.

ISAAC’s incident response for trucking companies includes immediate system isolation and strong recovery plans, aligned with ISO 27001:2013 standards. A good response plan helps manage and reduce the damage of a breach, just like a well-prepared emergency response team handles accidents efficiently. We create and manage this plan for advanced threat detection in fleets, so you’re always prepared.

Office worker monitoring cybersecurity systems on dual monitors.

Invest in advanced threat detection systems

Advanced threat detection systems find and stop threats before they cause harm. Think of them as having advanced radar systems to detect incoming storms. Use AI-based security systems for real-time threat analysis and proactive security measures. For instance, tools like Darktrace or CrowdStrike use AI to detect and respond to threats automatically.

For predictive security, we use AI-based systems to detect threats early and prevent breaches. These advanced systems act like a radar, and time to take action. ISAAC’s AI systems do the heavy lifting, keeping our clients’ ISAAC platform protected from evolving threats.

Regularly review and update security policies

Regularly reviewing and updating security policies ensures they remain effective against new threats. It’s like updating your fleet’s safety protocols to comply with new regulations. Review security policies with experts to stay compliant with the latest standards. For example, schedule annual reviews of your security policies and make necessary updates.

To stay ahead of new trucking industry cybersecurity trends, we regularly consult with experts to review and update our security policies. Keeping policies up to date is key for strong security, much like keeping safety protocols current ensures compliance and safety. With ISAAC, you get continuous policy updates and expert guidance, keeping your fleet safe and compliant, effortlessly.

Going forward: cybersecurity for trucking fleets

Cybersecurity threats in the trucking industry are always changing. Fleet managers need to be proactive and vigilant to protect their operations. By following these ten must-dos and partnering with a trusted telematics provider like ISAAC, trucking companies can improve their cybersecurity, keep operations running smoothly, and protect their most valuable assets. Just as you maintain your trucks and train your drivers, maintaining your cybersecurity and staying updated on trucking industry cybersecurity trends ensures your fleet’s safety and success.

About the author

Joe Russo, Vice President IT & Security

Joe Russo, VP IT & Security at ISAAC, is an IT Executive with over 20 years’ experience leading IT teams in multinational environments and various sectors: banking, pharma, transportation and technology services. He has held senior leadership roles in Switzerland at Morgan Stanley and the Bank for International Settlements, and then in Montreal at McKesson Canada, Syntax and CN Rail. His experience in aligning IT strategy with corporate strategy makes him a strong transformational leader who excels at overcoming technical, cross-cultural and organizational challenges to solve business challenges. Joe holds a MSc in Information Technology & Management from Sheffield University, completed the Mini-MBA program at McGill University and holds CISSP, CRISC and CIPM certifications.

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