Getting Technical Support

Client service is something we hold close to our hearts at ISAAC. That is why a third of our team is dedicated to ensuring a positive client experience, and why we monitor your ISAAC Solution servers 24/7.

Our North American-based technical support team is intent on providing you with timely, quality support.

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Drivers looking for support

Where to turn for help

Your fleet’s manager or ISAAC superuser is the person to turn to for help. They know not only the ISAAC solution really well, but also your company’s work processes. They can even access your tablet from a distance if needed!

Where to find resources and documentation as a driver

If you’re not in a crunch and want to explore your ISAAC user documentation to find answers, check out the Documentation option on the left-hand menu of your tablet; your fleet may have placed documents there for you.

There’s also a Documentation option on your ISAAC InRealTime web portal account. You can search information by keyword and access training videos, user guides, and more. Use your tablet login credentials to log in.

Fleet managers and superusers looking for support

Regular support

Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST
Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

To get regular support, submit a request using the support form shown at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Regular support requests received after business hours are processed the following day.

You can also call us, making sure to provide all key information:
Your name, company, email or phone number, and a description of the issue.
Toll-free: 1 888 658-7520 #3

Emergency support – 24/7

ISAAC is there to help you 24/7, outside regular hours!

NOTE: This service requires an access code and applies to critical issues.

Access codes are detained by selected persons in a fleet who are authorized to request emergency intervention, as charges may apply for incidents not deemed critical after review.

Critical issues are defined by ISAAC’s service agreement as: Issues with global system impact or causing service interruption or on a large portion of a fleet’s vehicles. (ex. server-related technical problem).

To get emergency support, submit a request using the support form at the bottom of this page,
being sure to check the Emergency checkbox and provide the required access code.

Getting expertise on compliance issues

ISAAC’s team is infused with trucking DNA, and includes experts on regulatory compliance. If you require expertise on the subject, don’t hesitate to write to us at

You can also visit our FAQ page on ELD compliance.

Accessing help resources and documentation

If you’re not in a crunch and want to explore your ISAAC user documentation to find answers, check out the Documentation option on your ISAAC InRealTime web portal account. You can search information by keyword and access various resources such as training videos, user guides, and more.

Getting training on ISAAC’s solution

Training documentation and videos are available in your ISAAC InRealTime portal.
You may also schedule on-site or virtual training with our training team, via ISAAC’s Client Center or through your ISAAC Client Success Manager.

Visitors curious about ISAAC’s technical support

Have you come to this page simply to find out how ISAAC’s technical support works?

We’re glad you did! Below are answers to some more questions you may have!

Where can I learn more about ISAAC’s solution?

We invite you to browse our product pages or get in touch with a member of our sales team for a product demo.

Where can I stay informed about current trucking industry and technology topics?

We frequently publish blog posts on various trucking topics, and guides that provide insight into some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. We also collaborate with trucking experts on webinars for live discussions.

Where do I find out about the latest or upcoming innovations in your solution?

We announce our latest solution features on our website.

As for our upcoming innovations, they’re unveiled at our yearly user conference where ISAAC’s North American user community meets to learn about ISAAC’s innovations, hear about current trucking topics, and connect with ISAAC’s team and industry peers.

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    Real-time Coaching

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    Enable effective teamwork

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    Driver-friendly ELD

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    Driver Happiness

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    ELD Reliability

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    Cost Savings

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    Safety and Compliance

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    Client Journey

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    Solution Innovation

    Future proof your technology

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