Safety & Compliance

Enhance safety for your fleet and drivers, while protecting your company’s reputation.

ISAAC’s solution generates the data you need to efficiently manage compliance processes, increase your fleet’s safety with driver coaching and alerts, and act proactively. Reduce the risk of incidents and violation costs.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Protect your reputation

Safeguard your fleet against lawsuits and nuclear verdicts with undisputable evidence.

Manage compliance efficiently

Enable your drivers and safety managers to remain compliant with guided processes.

Proactively manage risk

Receive notifications before violations occur and identify risky behaviors in your fleet.

Generate timely reports

Review critical events with easy-to-understand reports and indisputable video footage.

Our ELD simplifies compliance, promotes safe driving, and prevents violations and incidents.

Hours-of-service management

Drivers’ logbooks update automatically with driver activities.

DVIR module

ISAAC’s smart driver vehicle inspection report module is simple to use for drivers and helps manage timely repairs.

In-cab dash camera system

ISAAC’s camera pairs with telematics to provide footage related to critical events.

Risky driving alerts

Hard maneuver and hard braking notifications instantly signal dangerous driving to drivers to help them correct their behavior as they drive.

Safety fueled by data

Metrics are what drive behavior change. They tell you what’s really happening, and you can’t refute it.

Combined with an incentive program for drivers and sustained feedback about driving behavior, Trimac is doing it’s due diligence to keep both the roads and its drivers safe.

Janet Topic

Chief Information Officer, Trimac Transportation