Predictive Workflow

Above all, the ISAAC solution aims to optimize your operations.

Drivers save a lot of time when the tablet displays trip information based on their current  location. Such automation enables you to efficiently manage operations and reduce administrative tasks for drivers.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Predictive task prompts

Tasks related to trip stops automatically appear on screen in logical order as planned by dispatch.

Integrated TMS

Shared information between your TMS and the ISAAC solution helps automate and simplify your workflows.

Reduced manual input

Reduce your drivers’ administrative workload and the risk of error with step-by-step workflows based on TMS information.

Instant communications

Communications and updates between drivers and dispatchers are sent instantly.

Improve your fleet’s efficiency and let your drivers do what they do best: drive.

User-friendly interface

The solution is designed to minimize the screen taps required by the driver to complete tasks.


Automatically detect arrivals and departures and trigger location-based activities in the driver’s workflow.

Single-screen workflow

Drivers are guided step by step without having to navigate multiple apps, which reduces errors and simplifies their operations.

Improved teamwork

Help office and road teams communicate effectively with trip changes relayed automatically as they occur.

Tailored to your needs

Investing in the ISAAC product not only provides us with the best technology, but also a high level of customization and ease of use.

Marilyn Daniel

Chief Operating Officer, Titanium Transportation Group

Empower your drivers and optimize your operations



Fleet Benefits

Solve major trucking challenges

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Safety and Compliance

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Predictive Workflow

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Smart Compliance

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Real-time Coaching

Achieve greater fuel efficiency

Remote Tablet Control

Enable effective teamwork

ELD and Fleet Telematics

Discover a built-for-trucking solution

Fleet Management Portal

Centralized portal for your office team

Driver-Friendly App

Versatile and user-friendly tool

Communication Gateway

Keep your team and drivers connected

Connected Cameras

Enhance safety, protect reputations

Open Platform

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