Installation & Maintenance

ISAAC offers fast and efficient ELD installations and system maintenance.

Our expert installers approach every task with dedicated care, making sure your fleet benefits from peak efficiency and receives the highest level of comprehensive service.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

A North American reach with local expertise.

Our installation partner network offers productive and timely deployment, with a focus on minimizing downtime and leveraging extensive regional knowledge.

Very nice product! I was involved in a special project to carry out a day’s installation of a product I didn’t yet know. They told me I would need one day for 5 installations. I couldn’t believe it was possible. When I arrived at the customer’s premises, I opened the box and discovered that everything I needed was there. The quality of the connectors and the product made installation easy.


Installer, Cleveland

Easy installation and reliable hardware

ISAAC provides an extensive warranty and boasts a less than 1% equipment return rate, demonstrating our commitment to reliability. Our quality hardware is recognized and appreciated by professional installers, with an installation kit tailored for each truck model.

I discovered that the ISAAC product was easy to install, maintain, and understand. I completed an installation by myself and was surprised to complete it without asking the trainer any questions. I’m impressed by the quality and ease of use.


Installer, Beaumont and Houston, Texas

An exceptional 99.99% system uptime in the last 12 months

Certified and expert partners

Our installation partners must obtain ISAAC certification, guaranteeing superior service standards. By providing direct support and conducting thorough audits with our partners, ISAAC provides you with an extensive network for high-quality, efficient telematics and ELD installations.

Support beyond installation

When challenges arise beyond an installer’s reach, ISAAC steps in. We provide remote training and facilitate ELD repairs, so you have support, regardless of your chosen installation partner.

Quick and easy setup

By focusing on your unique requirements and working with your fleet’s technicians, we take pride by providing a smooth and efficient implementation process, even when transitioning from competitor products.

Proactive monitoring

The ISAAC System Health tool not only aids in ELD troubleshooting but also plays a role in diagnosing potential issues, ensuring your system is always functional to support informed decision-making and optimal fleet management.