Driver Mobile App

Constant communication for operations that flow

Mobile app for truck drivers to stay connected beyond the cab.

ISAAC Connect is the ultimate driver mobile app for fleet management. With it, your drivers can stay connected to your fleet management team anytime, anywhere! This smartphone app complements ISAAC’s rugged tablet, acting as a second window to the ISAAC InControl platform. When drivers are away from the truck, they can get the basic information they need for upcoming activities.

Three smartphones showing different screens of the ISAAC Connect mobile app in English, including hours of service, messages, and trip details.

Connected beyond the cab

When away from their truck, drivers looking for a mobile dispatch platform to stay connected with their dispatchers can do so, thanks to ISAAC Connect.

> Sit in the dispatcher’s seat

The essentials at a glance

Drivers can view messages, trip instructions, and HOS summaries at a glance, They can also access reports and documents as needed.

> Sit in the driver’s seat

Fast and efficient

Outside the cab, driver HOS tracking, messaging and accessing key information needs to be as fast and efficient as inside the truck ; and it is, with ISAAC Connect!

> See all that drivers love

Driver-friendly, as always

Simple and intuitive as commercial driver mobile apps should be, the app even lets drivers set their own preferences to personalize their experience.

> See the app in action

A home page that says it all

Driver mobile apps for fleet management should help drivers focus on key information fast.

The very first glance drivers get with ISAAC Connect after login shows them information that requires their attention. This can be messages or changes in trip instructions.

Drivers can also easily see HOS summary information and access reports and documents, right from the home page.

Smartphone displaying the ISAAC Connect app home screen in English, showing messages, hours of service, trips, and documents.
ISAAC Connect mobile app messages screen in English showing driver messages and notifications.

Messaging with dispatchers

Some conversations need to keep going for operations to stay smooth.

When drivers walk away from the ISAAC tablet inside the truck cab, they can continue messaging with dispatchers using ISAAC Connect on their smartphone.

This on-the-go messaging  allows them to finish pressing conversations started on their ISAAC tablet. Anywhere, anytime, they can also send and respond to new messages to learn about upcoming trips and activities.

Hours of service

Drivers need to continually keep track of their hours-of-service statuses and remaining hours, whether inside or outside the cab.

With the ISAAC Connect app, drivers can easily view this information wherever they happen to be. They can see their remaining driving hours and time left to complete their shift and cycle. Their daily log is also just a tap away.

ISAAC Connect mobile app hours of service screen in English showing cycle, shift, and driving hours.
ISAAC Connect mobile app trips screen in English showing upcoming stops and trip details.

Upcoming trips

Work is work and home is home, but chances are drivers want to see what lies ahead in their next workday before they arrive at the terminal.

With the ISAAC Connect app, drivers can see their next assignment with stops and instructions. They can also inform dispatchers of their next availability.