Cost Savings

Fleet management is all about improving a carrier’s operating ratio.

ISAAC’s solution is simple and connects with your transport management system (TMS) to optimize operational efficiency. Our unique features resolve trucking-specific issues to generate further gains on top of more fluid operations.

Every small improvement in efficiency adds up.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Operations savings

Simpler trip management guides drivers step-by-step with location-based tasks and pre-filled forms, saving time and reducing human error, for truly cost-effective operations.

Fuel savings

Our unique real-time driver coaching feature has a proven record of boosting fuel efficiency through driver involvement.

Driver savings

Easy-to-use in-cab technology that drivers love helps with driver retention and cuts down on training time.

Technology savings

Rugged and reliable hardware drives down technology-related replacement and maintenance costs.

Our data-driven solution and automations streamline your operations for greater profitability.

Easier document management

Drivers and dispatchers spend much less time handling documents thanks to document scanning.

Time-saving integrations

We support several TMS integrations that enable efficient workflows for your fleet.

Routing and communications

Single-screen workflows and instant communications reduce out-of-route and empty miles.

Simplified compliance

Safety officers and drivers spend less time managing compliance reporting such as HOS duty status, DVIR and unassigned driving segments.

Efficient management

In transportation, you have to manage every minute of your day. This efficiency is saving us minutes here and there and it’s turning into hours.

Francis Lalonde

Vice President Transportation, Walmart Canada