Driver Happiness

With driver shortage in the trucking industry, managers look to improve driver retention and recruit new talent.

That’s why ISAAC offers an alternative to aging in-cab technology and juggling too many apps to get the job done. Drivers want to drive, and our built-for-trucking solution lets them do just that, as it simplifies their workday.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Simple to use

Drivers’ activities are managed on a single device where everything is just a few screen taps away.

Easy training

Because the tablet is intuitive and simple to use, new drivers are ready to take the road after minimal training.

All in one place

Drivers lose less time switching between multiple apps thanks to our one solution that does it all.

Better driver pay

Our real-time coaching feature is a solid base for building an incentive program that shares fuel savings with drivers.

Our fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn ELD reduces your drivers’ workload.

Predictive workflow

Drivers are prompted through their workflow step-by step, based on their location, for maximum efficiency.

Remote driver support

Drivers get live help from dispatchers who can  take remote control of their tablet screen.

Smart compliance

Drivers easily complete tasks related to HOS compliance and vehicle inspections. They receive on-screen notifications for upcoming compliance time limits and alerts for pending repairs.

Real-time driver coaching

Clear and simple indicators help drivers maintain safe, eco-friendly driving behaviors.

Positive driver experience

An enhanced driver experience and a simplified driver interface is exactly what we were looking for.

Randy Strutz

President, Quality Carriers

Give your drivers tools that make them happy