Real-Time Driver Coaching

Better both fuel costs and safety with this unique truck driver coaching feature.

The ISAAC Coach helps ensure your drivers adopt the best eco-driving and fuel-saving practices. The enhanced safety that results—as revealed by a key study— is a considerable benefit, if not the ultimate goal!

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Better fuel economy

Easy-to-follow visual indicators coach your drivers on maneuvers to achieve as much as 15% fuel savings.

Improved safety

Drivers get better scores when anticipating braking and reducing hard maneuvers, which makes for safer driving.

Fair incentive programs

Managers can evaluate driver performance with a fair score that doesn’t penalize drivers for factors outside their control.

Increased drivers’ pay

Retention programs can serve to reward and pay back drivers based on their performance and fuel savings.

Safety benefits for each one-point increase in the ISAAC Coach score

less odds of hard braking
Encourage vigilant driving and good cruise control usage for safer roads and less wear and tear on your fleet.
less odds of a collision
Protect your fleet and everyone on the road with safer, eco-conscious driving habits.
less odds of hard turns
A safer turn is a win for everyone—your drivers, other motorists, and your budget.

Save on fuel and enhance safety with the ultimate real-time driver coaching tool.

Easy-to-follow indicators

For drivers, the indicators are simple and provide guidance on optimal throttle pressure, gear changes, and cruise control usage proven to reduce harsh braking.

Fair scoring

Aerodynamics, truck model, load, road slope and wind factors are all elements considered to provide a fair scoring of driver performance across your fleet.

Unmatched precision

By collecting data on dozens of parameters, up to 100 times per second, ISAAC’s telemetry analyzes both truck and driver performance with unmatched precision.

Individual reporting

Drivers can view their personal scores on a regular basis and compare their performance with targeted scores.

A unique advantage

The ISAAC Coach really works. We haven’t seen anything like it. We were able to improve on safety scores, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs, all while having a positive impact on driver and asset utilization.

A.J. Tucker

President, Tucker Freight Lines