Solution Reliability

Fleet management technology is critical to a carrier’s operations.

Unreliable equipment and system outages drive up costs and impact your drivers and clients. ISAAC provides a complete solution with exceptional uptime, and manages all hardware, software and network components. This, while offering an open and flexible solution that allows for valuable add-ons.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Improve communication

Keep constant track of your vehicles and maintain communication with your drivers.

Reduce downtime

Avoid downtime caused by hardware malfunctions and keep your vehicles on the road.

Reduce inventory

Reduce costs associated with keeping spare devices and licenses as backup for failing hardware.

Avoid workarounds

Prevent loss of information and workaround communication via drivers’ personal phones.

With exceptional uptime, our reliable fleet management solution keeps your trucks on the move.

Built for trucking

All components of ISAAC’S solution are built to withstand the harsh day-to-day conditions of trucking.

Managed solution

By handling all aspects of your fleet management solution, ISAAC removes the hassle of dealing with multiple hardware, software, network and data providers.

Carrier experience

Enjoy personalized support as a client and always count on having someone just a phone call away.

Research and innovation

Benefit from up-to-date technology that meets the needs of heavy-duty trucking fleets.

Reliability first

Reliability is what stands out for us with ISAAC’s system. Operations are now more fluid than ever, and it handles our different transport types. Their people are always there to help make your business better.

Maridee Jenkins

Safety and Compliance Manager, RVB Transport

Choose the fleet management solution that works