Expert Integration Services

Simplify your workflows with a seamlessly integrated solution

ISAAC brings unparalleled expertise for helping you leverage your existing systems and create unified, efficient operations. We handle the technical side of things, so you can focus on business.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Expect a smooth transition, no joke

ISAAC’s Integration Blueprint Process is our formula for a successful integration, tailored to the uniqueness of your fleet. With a targeted strategy, we conduct a careful, step-by-step integration process , to ensure a smooth transition.

The implementation has been incredibly smooth, with consistent communication from the ISAAC Team. We were able to send drivers out with comfort and confidence.

Jake Von Feldt

Director of Finance , Don Hummer Trucking

1 - Kickoff

Setting the foundation

Our journey together begins with business profiling and a comprehensive technical review, where our project managers and engineers work with you to ensure all infrastructure and hardware requirements are meticulously planned for a custom-fit integration.

2 - Requirements

Creating your blueprint

In this phase, we introduce a standard service model and customize it to fit your unique operational landscape. The result is a blueprint that’s specific to your fleet and ready for your seal of approval.

3 - Development

Building your solution

Here, we build the infrastructure needed to house your integrated solution, carefully installing and configuring each component, ensuring every element seamlessly incorporates with your existing systems.

4 - Validation

Testing and refining

Validation is all about getting things right. In this phase, we conduct thorough user acceptance testing, walking through all system components and features with your team. We strive to establish a robust, reliable solution ready for the real world by identifying and resolving any issues encountered.

5 - Deployment

Setting success in motion

In the final step of your integration journey, we train your drivers and operations staff, ensuring they are comfortable with the new system. Once they are ready, your new ISAAC solution can go live!

Seamless integration, delivered on a platter

Enjoy efficient workflows, leave the technical complexity to us

We understand that not all fleets have available IT resources onboard. So we provide you with a turnkey solution thanks to ISAAC’s Integration Blueprint Process. The result is streamlined workflows that smoothly integrate with your operations, without the need for IT expertise on your part.

Throughout the process, I was expecting something to go wrong. In the week leading up to the implementation, the ISAAC team was working through workflows, working with drivers, and ensuring everything was functioning as normal. And while I was waiting for just something to break … it never happened.

Byron Trantham

Co-owner, Tranco Logistics

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