Communication Gateway

Make informed decisions – fleet performance monitoring with ISAAC InMetrics.

A black box that gives you the power of knowledge and connection

Shock-resistant, water and humidity-proof Isaac InMetrics device with vibration-resistant ports, 1.5 GB memory for data retention, and multi-mode communication options.

Easy telematics system installation

Auto-calibration ensures a quick and easy installation behind the dash.

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Over-the-air-updates for fleets

Effortlessly stay up to date with the latest features without downtime to your operations and for optimal fleet performance monitoring.

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Universal data collection

Collect millions of data points per day on 45 parameters for all truck makes and models with our high-data-capacity fleet gateway.

All-around connectivity

Stay connected on the road with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and satellite connectivity.

Complete 3 year warranty
3-year complete warranty on all parts, and damage from accidents or environmental conditions.

“Reliability is what stands out for us with ISAAC’s system. Operations are now more fluid than ever, and it handles our different transport types. Their people are always there to help make your business better.”

Marilee Jenkins
Safety and Compliance Manager, RVB Transport

Rio Valley Biofuels

“As a motor carrier, we genuinely value our partnership with ISAAC. We have made so many advancements within our fleet with the ISAAC technology, and personally I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Lynn Berning
Risk and Compliance Manager, Tucker Freight Lines

Tucker Freight Lines

“I don’t think we’ve had a single ISAAC device fail. Our cellular coverage issues have disappeared, and our drivers are now all on the same network, using the same system. They’re now able to do everything via workflow as our operations team plan so, it’s been the perfect solution for us.”

Louis Giardelli
Director of IT, Veltri Inc


Built for trucking

Built for extreme temperatures

Ruggedly built and tested for a wide operating temperature range, our weather-resistant telematics system keeps you informed and connected in both northern and southern climate conditions.

Resistant to vibration, shocks, and water

Designed with military specification standards, our laboratory tested, shock-resistant fleet devices ensure your operations run smoothly in the extreme conditions of trucking.