Witness Every Detail

Enhance safety with the ISAAC InView integrated fleet camera system.

Always capture the true story with undisputable data and undeniable videos.

Enhance driver coaching tools and improve safety with our integrated fleet camera system, including forward-facing, side, and driver-facing cameras to cover every angle. Also featuring a separate 4-channel solid-state memory digital video recorder installed behind the dash, ISAAC InView has your critical footage well protected in the event of an incident causing damage to the cameras.

Reliable forward-facing camera

Capture clear, detailed video in all light conditions with the ISAAC InView forward-facing dash cam for trucks.

Side-view cameras for safety

See what occurs alongside the truck and trailer and further safeguard your drivers with ultrawide angle side cameras.

Rugged DVR for reliable storage

Preserve critical footage and retrieve it easily with a built-for-trucking DVR that’s located behind the dash, giving it some extra protection in the event of a severe crash. And with dual memory support, as well as continuous monitoring of your camera equipment to ensure it’s running without fail, you’ll have every detail you need to always know the whole story.

Driver-facing camera benefits

Help prevent driver fatigue and distraction which can lead to harsh maneuvers and safety risks. The ISAAC InView in-cab camera for trucks helps raise distraction awareness—even behind sunglasses.

Safeguard reputations

Protect your fleet with undeniable proof after incidents. Get instant visibility on key segments of quality video footage and telematics data triggered by hard maneuvers. Gain nuclear verdict protection where penalties can exceed $10 million, all thanks to video and data evidence.

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Widen your perspective

Extend visibility of road hazards with ISAAC InView’s high-quality forward-facing and side cameras. Protect your drivers after not-at-fault collisions and coach them on risky driving behaviors. Gain added theft and vandalism protection.

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On-demand truck camera footage

Readily access video footage and detailed telematics data, providing you with context and critical information after an incident. Quickly search for key footage within easy-to-browse hyperlapse segments directly in the ISAAC InRealTime web portal.

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Enhance training

Improve driver coaching tools and training with constructive feedback that incorporates real-life footage drawn from the ISAAC InView fleet camera system. Combine video segments with ISAAC Coach results to enrich the training within your fleet’s safety and compliance programs.

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“The camera integrated with the system is very dependable. In January, a truck was stolen […] Within 5 minutes, I had a picture of the thief. We had everything on camera and could provide the full story to the FBI within 24 hours.”

Maridee Jenkins
Safety and Compliance Manager, Rio Valley Biofuel Transport

“What we’ve noticed in our fleet is, with the ISAAC InView cameras and the other data that ISAAC collects for us, we can identify drivers who have a little bit more aggressive driving habits. It’s pretty clear through some of the critical events, but we use those as a teachable moment.”

Lynn Berning
Risk and Compliance Manager, Tucker Freight Lines

“My favorite feature of the ISAAC solution would be dash cams, hands down. They’re one of the greatest ways we’ve been able to mitigate risks, involve our drivers in training, and just give them the visual of what they’re seeing is what we’re now able to see.”

Daniel Zubot
Director of Fleet Assets, Sutco Transportation

See every angle

Get a full picture of any incident, including what happens alongside the truck and trailer with the ultrawide-angle view provided by the ISAAC InView front-facing and side view components, which combine to act as road hazard visibility cameras.

Automated safety notifications and data capture

Quickly find out about incidents or harsh maneuvers through the ISAAC InRealTime portal that provides a comprehensive view thanks to telematics and video data integration. Automatic triggering of video segments and reports alert safety managers when something risky is happening out on the road.

Simplifying camera set-up

Save time during installation of your truck camera system thanks to real-time streaming right on the ISAAC tablet to ensure proper positioning. In addition, the single-connector connection makes system configuration a snap.

All-in-one fleet camera system

Deal with a single supplier offering a complete truck video system that is fully integrated with ISAAC’s fleet management solution. Enjoy peace of mind with a turnkey camera solution that combines built-for-trucking hardware and ISAAC’s innovative software.

Future-proofing AI capability

Relax in the knowledge that investing in the ISAAC InView trucking fleet camera system today will continue to serve your fleet in future years, as it is fully AI-capable. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and to help you in your decision making.