How Video Camera Systems Protect You Against Nuclear Verdicts

On-Demand Webinar


Accidents often topping $10 million, and the number of “nuclear verdict” jury awards continuing to soar, it is more important than ever that fleets protect themselves.

Tune into the webinar to better understand the threat of nuclear verdicts, and how connected, integrated camera systems, such as ISAAC InView, provide undeniable video proof and detailed telemetry data to help you be certain of who or what caused an accident.
Viewers will also get insider tips on how to best implement the technology across a fleet, as well as steps to take now to prepare for when an accident occurs.

Featured panelists include: 

  • Scott Tilley, President, Tandet Group of Cos.
  • Guy Broderick, Safety & Training Supervisor, Kriska Holdings
  • Maridee Jenkins, Compliance & Safety Lead, Rio Valley Biofuel Transport
  • Neil Abt, VP of Public Relations, ISAAC Instruments (moderator)

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