2019 marks a major milestone for ISAAC Instruments. The technology company is experiencing sustained growth as it celebrates its 20 years of existence. Over half the members of its ever-growing team are dedicated to research and development and the customer experience. To support this expansion, ISAAC has invested in the construction of larger headquarters intended to house several hundred employees and designed to foster innovation.

To strengthen its presence across Canada, the company is involved with various associations, such as the Quebec Trucking Association, Ontario Trucking Association, Alberta Motor Transport Association and Canadian Trucking Alliance. ISAAC contributes its unique expertise to a variety of events, including conferences, webinars, and National Trucking Week.

The Origins of ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC’s story began in the early ’90s with the university project of Jacques DeLarochellière, now president of ISAAC. As a mechanical engineering student, Jacques also enjoyed motor racing. To improve his performance, he developed a data acquisition system to collect and process vehicle and driver behavior data. With his technological tool, he could measure and record acceleration, braking, and turns, and understand their impact. At this point, little did Jacques know that he had just laid the foundation of a business now known for its telemetry and telematics solution. Not to mention that at the time, the internet, GPS, cellular communication, and accelerometer technologies were still in their infancy.

Those few years working in the world of motor racing helped Jacques perfect his technology. He spent most of his free time between the racetrack and his own workshop. His project was gaining momentum. In 1992, realizing the potential of his creation, he decided to register ISAAC Motorsports (now ISAAC Instruments) with childhood friend David Brillon, also an engineer. The two founders chose the name to honor famous physicist Isaac Newton, whose well-known mathematical equation F=ma is the basis for accelerometer dimensioning.

From Motor Racing to Road Vehicles

The first years of the company were dedicated to the development of technology for the motor racing market. Race car drivers could improve performance using the data collected. However, the two engineers soon realized that the business potential in this niche was rather limited and that they should turn to other industries if they wanted to grow further.

ISAAC Motorsports became ISAAC Instruments in 1999. One of its first contracts involved testing electric vehicles. The technology soon attracted other major players, including the largest automakers, such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota. It enabled manufacturers to test the endurance of new vehicles before market launch. Through their work with most large automakers, ISAAC gained unique knowledge, valuable telemetry experience, and a technological lead. The addition of Jean-Sébastien Bouchard as a partner, an engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, strengthened the team.

Diversifying Operations

The 2008 crisis in the automotive industry prompted ISAAC to diversify its operations. At the time, transportation businesses were striving to reduce their operating costs following the increase in fuel prices. ISAAC saw the business opportunity and decided to offer its expertise to the transportation market. The innovative technology helped companies lower their fuel consumption, track vehicle and driver performance, and foster fleet safety.

Focus on the Freight Transportation Industry

In 2014, the launch of the ISAAC InControl mobile tablet propelled the business in the freight transportation industry. “The tablet was the first object connected to ISAAC’s Internet of Trucks. Since then, we have continued to develop our solutions based on the specific needs of carriers. In fact, in just five years, our technology has been implemented by 23 carriers in the Canadian Top 100, including Trimac, Kriska, and Groupe Robert. We are delighted with the trust our customers place in us!” said Jacques DeLarochellière, President of ISAAC Instruments.

ISAAC continued to grow through this focus on transportation. Along with manufacturing and designing its solutions, both in terms of material and software, it developed its service aspect. Whether in handling implementation or technical assistance, ISAAC’s team of professionals directs its efforts to provide the best possible support. Meanwhile, the research and development department continues to innovate and provide solutions tailored to the reality of customers.

The ISAAC Solution at a Glance

ISAAC develops its scalable fleet management solution by working to pinpoint and overcome the challenges carriers face. That is why its solution is built to be easy to use in the context of drivers’ daily work. ISAAC understands that driver attraction and retention are major issues given the current shortage affecting the trucking industry. With its high level of automation, the ISAAC solution provides the data required for efficient fleet operations management without burdening drivers with administrative tasks.