Fleet Management Software

Helping managers and dispatchers run smooth operations

Real-time fleet tracking for streamlined operations, compliance and communication

Keep operations smooth with centralized fleet management software and fleet monitoring tools that simplify your dispatchers’ and managers’ workday. ISAAC InRealTime lets your office team track operations in real time and keep a proactive watch on compliance and safety. They also stay closely connected to your drivers to keep your trucks moving.

Real-time fleet tracking on a mobile device using ISAAC’s software.

Real-time fleet tracking

Monitor your fleet in real time to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Track truck and asset locations, driver availability, and detention times. What better way to give your customers quality service?

Simplified compliance

Empower compliance and safety managers to keep your fleet on track, right from their desk. With real-time alerts for approaching violations and risky driving behaviors, being proactive becomes simple.

Driver connection

Keep trucks moving by staying connected with your drivers through advanced driver management software. Our portal keeps your drivers close, with dedicated, remote access to drivers’ tablets when needed.

User-friendly interface

Save your dispatchers and managers precious time throughout their day with user-friendly software. They’ll easily find what they need and get notifications to stay proactive, all with minimal clicks and data entry.

“We’re able to follow our driver’s day, and see where our driver is both on the road and at a given location. ISAAC gives us screenshots of our electronic paperwork, which mitigates risk and helps us speak directly to customer concerns. The data we get from ISAAC has really simplified our solution process.”

Dave Maxim
Director of Operations, Quality Carriers

Quality Carriers

“My favorite feature that ISAAC offers is the remote connection to the driver’s tablets. It helps all the drivers whenever they feel stressed.”

Krista Murray
Safety and Compliance Manager, Mill Creek Motor Freight

Mill Creek Motor Freight

“We experienced some significant gains in our ability to tailor our workflows to optimize efficiencies in operations, maintenance, payroll and the safety department.”

Daniel Zubot
Director of Fleet Assets, Sutco Transportation

Sutco Transportation

Enjoy fleet operation optimization benefits, like higher profits, returning customers, and a happy operations team.

Keep your trucks moving with advanced fleet management software features.

  • Get real-time visibility of your trucks on the road
  • Notify customers of trucks soon arriving at their facilities
  • Improve customer service with visibility on your drivers’ remaining hours for new deliveries

Empower your dispatchers with ISAAC’s seamless fleet management system integration.

  • Have your TMS trip planning automatically displayed on drivers’ tablets in the cab
  • Communicate trip changes, without additional messaging
  • See TMS trip statuses automatically updated as drivers perform trip activities
Office staff using ISAAC fleet management software on a computer.

Centralized compliance & safety

Enable your compliance and safety team to monitor activity from a central fleet compliance and safety portal that tells them everything they need to know.

Ensure compliance efficiently.

  • Monitor hours-of-service, ELD compliance, or vehicle inspection activities
  • Act proactively with real-time notifications about potential violations

Foster a safety culture.

  • Support fleet safety management with alerts about risky driving and critical events
  • View videos of real-life events on the road to resolve litigation and enhance training
Office employee monitoring fleet data on a computer.

Strong driver support

Keep your drivers happy by giving them all the support they need, wherever they may be.

  • Dedicated dispatcher-driver messaging on the ISAAC InRealTime portal for continuous communication
  • Integration with your TMS to display trip instructions automatically on drivers’ tablets

Provide extra support when needed so your drivers are never left stranded.

  • Remote tablet access for dispatchers to assist drivers inside the cab, when need
  • Identical view of the driver’s screen, right on the dispatcher’s computer, for efficient troubleshooting.
Customer service representative wearing a headset.