Real-Time Driver Coaching

For eco-driving that benefits both the planet and your fleet

Work with your drivers to improve safety, fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs

Want to reap multiple benefits in one swoop? Help your drivers adopt the best eco-driving techniques with real-time driver coaching. You’ll save on fuel and vehicle wear, and most importantly, significantly improve safety.

Achieve the fleet safety improvements below with drivers who keep eco-driving indicators green, and for every one-point increase of the ISAAC Coach score !

Real-time fleet tracking on a mobile device using ISAAC’s software.

7% less odds of hard braking

Encourage vigilant driving and good cruise control usage for safer roads and less wear and tear on your fleet.

4% less odds of a collision

Protect your fleet and everyone on the road with safer, eco-conscious driving habits.

8% less odds of hard turns

A safer turn is a win for everyone—your drivers, other motorists, and your budget.

Improved safety

Prevent accidents and improve road safety by reminding drivers to anticipate stops and avoid hard maneuvers with in-cab coaching technology.

> Lower safety risks

Better fuel economy

Reduce fuel consumption by 0.5% for every 1% improvement in the ISAAC Coach result. Save up to 5% on fuel fleetwide with easy-to-follow visual indicators that help drivers adjust in real time while driving.

> Learn how to save fuel

Reduced maintenance costs

Slow down vehicle wear and tear, and see your maintenance costs plummet. Smoother, more eco-friendly driving is also easier on your trucks.

> Discover preventive maintenance

Fair incentives for drivers

Get drivers smiling as they work with you to benefit from eco-friendly driving, with fair scoring that doesn’t penalize them for factors outside their control.

> See a real-life example

“The ISAAC Coach really works. We haven’t seen anything like it. We were able to improve on safety scores, fuel efficiency and maintenance costs, all while having a positive impact on driver and asset utilization.”

A.J. Tucker
President, Tucker Freight Lines

Tucker Freight Lines

“We have found that using the ISAAC Coach system has helped improve our fuel economy by 0.2 miles per gallon every year.”

Lance Schmitke
Regional Manager Truck Operations, CNTL


“With ISAAC’s driving performance score report, we can now analyze the driving habits of each of our drivers. This allows us to identify areas where they need training, and helps us to provide our drivers with the support they need.”

Renati Prica
Director of Road Safety Training and Driver Services, Andy Transport

Sutco Transportation

A safer fleet

Achieve better safety for your fleet by teaming up with your drivers to adopt safer driving habits.

Studies prove that every 1% improvement in the ISAAC Coach score leads to 4% fewer odds of a collision. By helping drivers adopt safer driving behaviors right inside the cab, your ISAAC Coach benefits are immediate!

Also, alerts to managers in the office signaling risky maneuvers occurring on the road, enable them to intervene with drivers who require added coaching to keep your fleet safe.

Office staff using ISAAC fleet management software on a computer.

More miles per gallon

Cut down on one of the top expenses for carriers with fuel-saving practices for fleets.

Studies show drivers can make up to a 30% difference in fuel consumption with speed, acceleration, and braking. Reduce fuel consumption by 0.5% for every 1% improvement in the ISAAC Coach result.

With ISAAC’s driver performance monitoring tool, drivers work with easy-to-follow indicators while they drive, helping them achieve the best engine torque based on driving conditions, be it the truck’s load weight, whether they’re driving upslope or downslope, or facing headwinds.

Office employee monitoring fleet data on a computer.

Less shop time for trucks

Reduce fleet maintenance costs and keep your trucks in optimal condition with more time on the road and less time in the shop.

Smooth driving not only improves safety and saves fuel but also reduces the vehicle wear and tear that comes with more aggressive driving styles.

One fleet using the ISAAC Coach found that once drivers started following better practices, they saw an improvement in tire usage and vehicle maintenance periods.

Encouraging best driving practices in your fleet helps lengthen the life of your vehicles and achieve significant long-term savings. It also lowers the risk of trucks breaking down on the road.

Customer service representative wearing a headset.