Built for Trucking

Equip your fleet with durable trucking technology solutions designed with drivers in mind.

Designed to withstand harsh environments

Outline of ISAAC's rugged tablet designed for trucking operations, indicating durability and intuitive interface.

Cost-effective trucking solutions

Although consumer-grade tablets for ELDs may be cheaper up front, they often end up costing your business more in the long run. Using consumer-grade tablets in trucking can lead to service disruptions and often prove costly to manage across a fleet. Durable trucking technology solutions save you money.

This whitepaper examines the hidden costs of consumer-grade tablets in trucking and demonstrates how durable ELD systems help drive down these costs.

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ISAAC White Paper - The Pitfalls of Consumer Grade Tablets front page
Choosing a truly cost-effective in-cab device for your drivers

Choosing a truly cost-effective in-cab device for your drivers

Discover why rugged tablets outshine consumer-grade devices for trucking technology solutions for fleet management. Read the article

Extremely low failure rates

Few things are more costly to your business than downtime. Every minute spent with drivers not driving due to failing equipment cuts into your profit margins. For that reason, we specifically designed our rugged trucking devices to withstand the realities of a driver’s workday.

ISAAC tablets allow your drivers to keep driving and reduce trucking downtime costs associated with troubleshooting and replacing failing devices.

Created for the needs of trucking

Boost productivity, control costs, and ensure timely service to your customers with intuitive trucking workflows and driver-focused trucking tech.

Experience greater technology uptime. Reduce the time and money lost due to system outages, device malfunctions, and reduce your necessary inventory of backup devices.

Graphic representation of ISAAC's integrated technology solutions for streamlined trucking operations.

A single technology partner

At ISAAC, we provide a complete solution that includes software, hardware, systems integration, and that is entirely managed by our team so that you can focus on your core business. Eliminate the need to manage multiple technology providers and reduce the burden this creates on your operations.

“It’s obvious that the product engineers at ISAAC talked to drivers when they were designing the product, and they paid attention to what the drivers told them. ISAAC’s ease of use meant that we were able to cut the ELD training from 90 minutes to around 30 minutes.”

Byron Thantham
Co-Owner, Tranco Logistics

Tranco Logistics

“My favorite feature that ISAAC offers is the remote connection to the driver’s tablets. It helps all the drivers whenever they feel stressed. The DVIR function with the cameras built in provides real-time access to our shops, to our safety department, for any things that may come along that drivers may be unsure if they are in fact an out-of-service defect or a minor defect that they have to get repaired at some point. But having that built-in camera, that is the best feature with the tablet.”

Krista Murray
Safety and Compliance Manager, Mill Creek Motor Freight

Mill Creek Motor Freight

“I think the benefit of having ISAAC in our fleet is that it is extremely driver-friendly. It’s also office friendly and all of our staff are able to easily utilize the program, it’s easy to navigate. They can remote in and help drivers as well.”

Lynn Berning
Risk and Compliance Manager, Tucker Freight Lines

Tucker Freight Lines