Tablets Built Tough

Designed to excel in the most demanding trucking environments. Your reliable partner on the road.

Outline of an ISAAC rugged tablet designed for trucking, showcasing its durable structure and functional design.

Engineered for the everyday rigors of trucking

The trucking industry doesn’t go easy on electronics. Adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures, as well as accidental drops and spills can lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Our rugged tablets are engineered for the trucking industry’s specific challenges, offering unmatched durability and reliability that keep your fleet moving. These shock and weather-resistant ELD tablets are fully operational in temperatures from –6°F to 140°F (–21°C to 60°C). They help ensure minimal downtime and consistent performance.

By providing your drivers with the tools they need for effective operations, you can maximize uptime for your fleet and keep your drivers happy.

Icon depicting the temperature resilience of ISAAC rugged tablets, operable from –6°F to 140°F.
Tested for extreme temperatures
Icon representing the shock resistance of ISAAC's rugged tablets, suitable for the harsh trucking environment.
Icon showcasing the reliable connectivity feature of ISAAC rugged tablets for uninterrupted trucking operations.
Reliable performance and connectivity
Hand holding the speaker component of ISAAC's rugged tablet docking station, highlighting modular design and ease of use.

Tablet dock and external speaker

Bumpy roads? No problem. Our sturdy truck driver tablet docking station is made to hold your tablets in place, keeping them secure and always charged, no matter the terrain.

Distracted driving? Not with our in-cab ELD solution. The screen locks while driving, and with text-to-speech messaging and an easy plug-in external tablet speaker, your drivers hear important information loud and clear, even inside a noisy cabin, without taking their eyes off the road.

Trucking-specific features

We are big believers in making things simpler. That’s why we relentlessly focus on enhancing the experience of drivers, helping them do their job intuitively and effectively.

Our user-friendly software guides drivers through vehicle inspections, logbook entries, trip-related tasks, and more. Drivers can take pictures, scan documents, and conduct inspections seamlessly.

ISAAC’s rugged tablets for trucking—they just work.

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Practical accessories

Stepping out of the cab is as effortless as the drive with our practical accessories. Our mobile tablets carry easily, offering freedom of movement around the truck with useful belt adapters, belt pouches, and hand straps—all designed using real-life feedback.

It’s about enabling you to focus on your trucking operations, supported by tools that meet your workday needs.

“It’s obvious that the product engineers at ISAAC talked to drivers when they were designing the product, and they paid attention to what the drivers told them. ISAAC’s ease of use meant that we were able to cut the ELD training from 90 minutes to around 30 minutes.”

Byron Thantham
Co-Owner, Tranco Logistics

Tranco Logistics

“I don’t think we’ve had a single ISAAC device fail. Our cellular coverage issues have disappeared, and our drivers are all on the same network, using the same system.”

Louis Giardelli
Director of IT, Veltri Inc

Veltri Inc

“ISAAC has done extremely well with our mobile device management. And that’s been a welcome change to us as a carrier as it allows us to focus more on the operations of our business without the need to be experts in operating and managing the telematics equipment.”

Jim Tornblom
Director of Operations, Heartland Express

Heartland Express