Driver‑Friendly ELD

Intuitive, time-saving in-cab tech that lets drivers drive

Drivers need efficient trucking technology that simplifies their workday.

Drivers deal with a lot and need reliable hardware and software designed with their day in mind. With ISAAC’s driver‑friendly ELD, drivers save valuable time with vehicle inspections, trip activities, logbook entries, and more. They can count on helpful real-time notifications inside the cab to help them to comply to regulations, and drive for better safety and fuel efficiency.

ELD ease of use for more driving

ISAAC’s ELDs help drivers cut to the chase and focus on driving, by maximizing ELD workflow automation and minimizing screen taps. This approach keeps their workflow smooth and abolishes paperwork.

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Compliance made easy

Compliant to regulations in both the US and in Canada, ISAAC’s ELD keeps HOS compliance in check, but also helps drivers comply with regulations on vehicles and safety. The result is safer roads and better CSA scores for your fleet.

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Drivers feeling connected

Support drivers with efficient dispatcher messaging allowing dispatchers to take remote control of their tablets when needed. This way, drivers are never left stranded and ELD training time can be accelerated.

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All the apps drivers need

With ISAAC’s open platform allows for 3rd party trucking apps integration on your drivers’ ELD as you see fit. Also, features from ISAAC’s open platform partners seamlessly integrate within your drivers’ workflow.

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“It’s obvious the product engineers at ISAAC talked to drivers when they were designing their product, and they paid attention to what the drivers told them. ISAAC’s ease of use meant that we are able to cut the ELD training from 90 minutes to around 30 minutes.”

Byron Trantham
Co-Owner, Tranco Logistics

Tranco Logistics

“The best part of ISAAC is the workflow. The day-to-day components, the planning, the active dispatch — it’s all automated. You make a change in planning for a piece of equipment with a driver, and it flows all the way down to the driver automatically. The driver gets that update within two minutes. You’re able to communicate with the driver in near-real time. It’s made the planning and dispatch process much more streamlined.”

Dave Maxim
Director of Operations, Quality Carriers

Quality Carriers

Intuitive ELD systems to save time

ISAAC’s driver-friendly ELDs save drivers precious time in various ways. Here are some of the features drivers love.

  • Minimal screen taps, prefilled information on the screen, and automated tasks whenever possible.
  • Predictive workflows guiding them step-by-step throughout their trips, showing the next action to perform based on their current location.
  • Efficient vehicle inspections that require just a few clicks to report defects and send helpful pictures to managers and the maintenance team.
  • Document scanning to eliminate paper handling, with images instantly sent to the back office.




Truck driver scanning documents on a tablet inside the truck.

Smart compliance, and safety too

Certified in Canada and registered on the FMCSA’s ELD list in the US, ISAAC’s driver-friendly ELDs support smart compliance.

  • Drivers’ logbooks automatically fill out as drivers perform trip activities, for a perfect match with their timesheets.
  • Drivers get notified of impending HOS violations to avoid citations and fines.
  • Roadside inspections are accelerated, so drivers get back on the road fast.

Safety is also top of mind with ISAAC’s ELD, as it helps prevent driver distraction.

  • The tablet is installed to be visible without obstructing the view of the road.
  • The screen locks while driving to promote safety.
Male truck driver with glasses driving a truck with a scenic mountain view in the background.

GPS navigation made for trucking

ISAAC’s ELD integrates with CoPilot Truck for efficient GPS navigation with significant benefits.

  • Navigation appears automatically as drivers start driving, using the address of the next planned stop.
  • Truck profiles, including vehicle dimensions and load types, help determine the best itinerary for a specific truck, avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads.
  • Navigation maps and routes are customized to suit your needs.