The Best Possible Experience

Making everyone’s workday—drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers—a whole lot easier.

ISAAC’s fleet management solution combines advanced hardware and software that is custom-built for trucking’s demands, with an open platform for seamless systems integration and easy third-party app add-ons. Our innovative, user-friendly software provides step-by-step guidance for drivers out on the road and facilitates fleet management from the office. And with our team’s dedicated and ongoing support, you can focus on business and keep the wheels turning.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Rugged, Driver-Friendly Tablet

Engineered to withstand the rigors of trucking, ISAAC’s tablet withstands vibration and extreme temperatures for reliable performance. It features intuitive software presenting a clear, step-by-step workflow that facilitates the driver’s workday by saving them time and streamlining their operations.

Custom-Built Docking Station

The ISAAC tablet dock keeps the tablet fully charged and securely fixed to the dashboard. Rugged by design, it is installed in a location to minimize distraction while providing drivers with the information they need at a glance.

Hear Everything Loud and Clear

To make sure drivers don’t miss a thing, our modular speaker delivers important voice messages loud and clear over the truck’s ambient noise. With a sleek design, it blends in with the tablet dock and features an easy volume control for drivers to adjust at will.

All-in-One Camera System

With ISAAC InView cameras, drivers gain an ally on the road with camera coverage from all angles, providing critical footage of road incidents. This can be game-changing for providing proof in no-fault incidents and avoiding nuclear verdicts. This same footage is also invaluable for driver coaching and promoting safer driving practices.

Stay Connected and Informed

The ISAAC InMetrics communication gateway offers reliable wireless connectivity for uninterrupted communication between drivers and dispatchers. Laboratory tested to withstand the realities of trucking, it ensures consistent data collection and transmission, and up-to-date information both inside the cab and in the office—all critical elements for efficient operations on the road.

Why ISAAC versus Consumer-Grade Tablets?

Commercial tablets are unreliable in extreme weather conditions and increase safety risks. ISAAC’s tablet is designed to offer drivers reliability and ease of use, as well as smooth operations for carriers. Various factors come into play when choosing a device for your drivers.

Stability & support

Your device must withstand extreme conditions to be reliable and offer constant connectivity. Having support available for any issues with operating system updates is also important.

Long-term costs

You need to take into account data transmission costs, and the cost of managing different models of connection ports and chargers, as well as constant battery maintenance.

Life expectancy

Tablets not designed for extreme conditions last a fraction of their expected lifespan—typically 3 to 4 years versus the expected 10. Replacements will be more frequent and costly than anticipated.

Road safety

Commercial tablets come with apps that encourage driver distraction and unsafe driving. ISAAC focuses on safety with a trucking-focused device, and allows adding fleet-approved apps.