Built for Trucking

Equip your fleet with durable tools designed with drivers in mind.

When we say “built for trucking”, we mean a rugged solution designed specifically for the trucking industry’s harsh conditions. Keep your trucks on the move with equipment that is built to last.

ISAAC Instruments ELD logbook

Boost productivity

Reduce the time and money losses that come with system outages and device malfunctions.

Control costs

Expect higher technology uptime and drastically reduce the necessary inventory of backup devices.

Respect your SLA

Ensure timely service for your customers, thanks to complete tracking visibility and system uptime.

Make drivers happy

Reduce driver frustration with rugged equipment built to withstand trucking conditions.

Built for trucking with drivers in mind.


ISAAC hardware resists vibrations and extreme temperatures, and offers the durability you can expect from commercial grade equipment.


ISAAC’s enterprise-grade platform is built on modern architecture that has proven reliable year after year.

Outdoor operations

Drivers can take pictures, scan documents and get signatures outside the truck.

Robust and intuitive

ISAAC has delivered a robust product that our workforce found intuitive to use.

Bill Marchbank

Chief Operating Officer

Choose built-for-trucking technology