McLeod + ISAAC: Maximize Growth with the Power of Integration

What helps trucking fleets remain profitable, grow their business, and keep drivers happy? Enabling the office team to efficiently communicate with drivers on the road goes a long way. Tune in to this webinar to discover how a complete integration between a TMS (McLeod Software’s LoadMaster) and an ELD (ISAAC’s solution) allows you to do more with your operations and increase driver satisfaction.

Canadians ELDs – The Time is Now!

Discover the most important feature changes for drivers and dispatchers in ISAAC’s certified ELD solution, following a brief overview of the rigorous process that led up to it all.

Driver Retention & Team Connection

The foundation to a team’s wellness is made of caring and taking interest in what team members experience daily. It’s only after instilling this wellness culture, that tools and systems come in to support it.

Ramping up Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Investing in a solid cybersecurity plan is not an option, but a necessity. Learn about current security issues and the emerging trends in fighting them. Also find out about ISAAC’s security framework, and how we have your data covered.

How Video Camera Systems Protect You Against Nuclear Verdicts

Tune into the webinar to better understand the threat of nuclear verdicts, and how connected, integrated camera systems, such as ISAAC InView, provide undeniable video proof and detailed telemetry data to help you be certain of who or what caused an accident.

Discover Drivewyze

Discover how Drivewyze can help you avoid weigh stations stops. Join our free webinar to discover the Drivewyze weigh station bypass program.

See the ISAAC solution in action

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