Utilizing Smart Compliance Technology for a More Efficient Fleet

On-Demand Webinar – June 24, 2022

Does your fleet’s telematics system proactively address compliance issues in real time? Or do you act only after drivers receive violations or trucks have costly breakdowns?

Learn from the experience of Brian Turner, Director of Safety and Compliance at Carolina Freightways, Brian Sillett, Safety and Compliance Manager at Equipment Express and Melanie Simard, Director Compliance, Client Service & Technical Support at ISAAC.

This webinar helps understand how smart compliance tools provide peace of mind by uncovering potential issues before it’s too late.

You will learn

  • How telematics enhances HOS and regulatory compliance
  • The role a “Smart DVIR” plays in improving safety
  • Tips for creating stress-free roadside inspections

Improve risk management with ISAAC’s unique approach to compliance that allows you to be proactive and keep your drivers safe.