Cybersecurity: Best Practices to Reduce Your Risk

On-Demand Webinar – October 25, 2022

What makes your fleet a cyberattack target?

The COVID-19 pandemic and shift to more teleworking have made the trucking industry a more attractive target than ever.

Joe Russo, VP of IT & Security at ISAAC, and Bill Brown, former Manager at Southeastern Freight Lines, discuss how cybersecurity threats extend beyond back offices and to in-vehicle systems.

Watch this webinar to learn about evolving cybersecurity threats and how to avoid a debilitating security breakdown.

You will learn

  • How to best assess your vulnerability and level of risk
  • The best practices and recommendations to act on now to reduce your risk
  • How the transportation industry is working together to counter these threats

Stay informed and take proactive steps to reduce the risk of cyber threats and resulting impacts to your operations. These include choosing a telematics partner that follows the highest cybersecurity standards with ISO 27001.