The ISAAC Coach

The Ultimate Real-time Driver Training Tool

Easy-to-follow visual indicators coach your drivers on the maneuvers required to achieve as much as 15% fuel savings. It also provides a fair grade based on ecodriving performance that allows for a precise comparison of ecodriving performance among drivers.

Compare Truck Driver Performance with a Universal Score

ISAAC’s universal score is based on ecodriving performance and does not penalize the driver for elements outside his control, such as aerodynamics, truck model, load, road slope, and wind factor.

As Much as 15% Fuel Savings on Top of Everything Else

According to Detroit’s data on fuel economy, driver practices account for as much as 30% of the truck’s fuel consumption. The ISAAC Coach helps ensure your drivers adopt the best ecodriving practices and enables the lowest performing drivers to rise among your best.

Powered by ISAAC’s Unmatched Precision

Collecting data on more than 40 distinct parameters, up to 100 times per second, ISAAC’s telemetry analyzes both truck and driver performance with unmatched precision. This data is processed using our patented algorithm and transformed into meaningful indicators for your drivers.

How it Works

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