Bypass 900+ weigh stations in North America for maximum efficiency and safety

Jun 17, 2024

Drivewyze Preclear integrated into ISAAC ELDs

Drivewyze and ISAAC are on a mission to improve transportation safety and efficiency, through their integrated suite of in-truck and roadside solutions. The Drivewyze® PreClear weigh station bypass service, which supports over 900 weigh stations and inspection sites in 47 States and Provinces across North America, allows drivers to receive an alert on their mobile ISAAC tablet/ELD, indicating whether they can bypass participating weigh stations. View the coverage map to learn where your trucks can drive through weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

This integration results in huge savings in time and fuel, which translates to quicker deliveries and improves ROI. Drivewyze also enhances fleet safety by sending drivers proactive in-cab alerts, before incidents occur, so carriers can improve their Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score.

Through the Drivewyze Hub, fleet operators can monitor driver behaviors in critical locations and see how pull-ins impact drive time, fuel spend, and emissions. Ultimately, this results in better driver retention and less stress for the driver and fleet.

What’s important to note, is that Drivewyze Preclear includes access to a vast library of free, real-time essential alerts and advisories that give drivers more time to respond to what’s ahead, whether it’s a low bridge, traffic congestion, a steep grade, tight curve, or places where a sudden slowdown is required. View The Full Library of Alerts.

Moore Brothers enhance productivity with Drivewyze and ISAAC

Moore Brothers, a leading flatbed trucking company, has installed ISAAC ELDs into their trucks, with Drivewyze PreClear loaded on them. Sue Moore, COO, Moore Brothers says, “When you’re used to spending an hour or more at a weigh station waiting for inspection, any time you can reduce has an impact on a driver’s ability to get to their customer location.

The integration between Drivewyze and ISAAC has made managing active trucks using PreClear simple. Since PreClear runs through our ELDs and no additional hardware is needed, it’s easy for our admins to access the account and manage the trucks online with service. Drivewyze is a great service that frees up more time for our drivers on the road with minimal time and effort on our part to manage it. We wouldn’t want to be without it.”

Tandet Group boosts bypass opportunities with Drivewyze and ISAAC

The Tandet Group has become a leading provider of liquid and dry bulk transportation services today. Ryan Tilley, VP, Tandet Transportation Group, says, “Activating Drivewyze was a matter of creating a Drivewyze account and activating the Drivewyze app on our trucks’ ISAAC ELDs.

It was well worth the effort to switch to a weigh station bypass solution that gives us more bypass opportunities. Every minute on the road counts and each time a driver is able to bypass a weigh station means they’re able to spend more time driving, making money. Drivewyze is becoming a service they wouldn’t want to be without.”

So, what are you waiting for? Join leading fleets by installing Drivewyze Preclear on your ISAAC devices, and bypass weigh stations with ease and efficiency. Call 1-888-988-1590 or visit today for more information.

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Bypass 900+ weigh stations in North America for maximum efficiency and safety

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