What are the true costs of unreliable ELD technology?

Before trucking fleets decide to use free or inexpensive consumer grade tablets for their electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics system, they should consider this scenario: A driver is 100 miles away and the device breaks or is lost or cannot connect to a power supply.

FMCSA Announces More Flexibility in Personal Conveyance Guidance

An update that will have a significant impact for drivers operating in the United States has just been announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Under the new guidance, a driver can now operate a commercial motor vehicle for personal conveyance, even when it is laden.

ELD Mandate: New Instructions for AOBRD Users

The FMCSA announced that carriers who invoke this clause are now authorized to install other AOBRDs aboard trucks added to their fleets. Prior to this change in the law, it was only possible to transfer AOBRD devices to replacement trucks, and only provided the number of trucks in the fleet did not increase.