Understanding the ISAAC Coach: A Sustainable Trucking Solution

May 31, 2024

What is the ISAAC Coach? In a nutshell, it can be described as driver coaching technology that encourages eco-driving to help trucking fleets save fuel and enhance safety. It shows drivers real-time feedback on a dashboard display, right inside the cab. Using simple color-coded indicators, it guides them on using fuel more efficiently and driving more safely, which also makes it a truck driver safety tool. In addition to the ongoing feedback while they drive, drivers receive a global score on a regular basis with details that help them see how they can improve, serving as both safety and fuel-saving tips for truckers.

How the ISAAC Coach works

The ISAAC Coach uses a simple “three-circle indicator” on ISAAC’s mobile tablet which is securely fixed on the truck’s dashboard while driving.

ISAAC Coach display showing green and yellow circles indicating fuel efficiency and driving habits.

Green circles: show when a driver uses the truck’s power efficiently.

Yellow circles: light up when the truck is close to using power inefficiently, telling drivers to ease up on the accelerator.

In addition to helping drivers use the accelerator pedal efficiently, the real-time driver coaching system also helps drivers switch gears at the right time to save even more fuel. This feedback adapts to different driving situations, like when driving up a hill or carrying heavy loads, ensuring drivers get advice that takes into account what they’re dealing with at the moment. This makes for customized, driver performance monitoring in real time!

5 ways the ISAAC Coach makes trucking safer, cheaper, and greener

Reducing operating costs

Fuel costs: The ISAAC Coach can help cut costs significantly by teaching drivers to use less fuel, contributing to eco-friendly trucking practices. For example, smoother acceleration and smart gear usage can save up to 10% on fuel, which adds up with the many miles trucks travel.

Maintenance costs: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Gentle driving reduces wear on important parts like brakes and engines. This means trucks need fewer repairs and last longer, saving money in the long run with smart trucking cost-reduction strategies. For instance, properly maintaining a truck’s brakes can extend their life, saving costs on frequent replacements.

Legal costs: Safe driving practices lead to fewer accidents and traffic fines. A report by the Traffic Research Injury Foundation found that strict adherence to speed limits and safe following distances reduces accident rates significantly, which in turn lowers the chances of costly legal disputes and high insurance premiums.

Enhancing fleet safety

The ISAAC Coach serves as fleet safety technology that keeps roads safe by giving drivers real-time tips to avoid dangerous driving habits. The driving performance scores it provides, combined to surveillance camera video recordings available with ISAAC’s technology, help drivers and managers discuss how to drive safely, making the roads safer for everyone.

For additional safety-enhancing ideas for your fleet, take a look at our comprehensive guide available for download.

Supporting eco-friendly practices

Driving efficiently also means less pollution. By keeping fuel consumption low, the ISAAC Coach helps trucks emit fewer harmful gases, helping meet environmental regulations. This not only helps protect the environment but also saves companies from heavy fines for breaking emission rules.

Retaining good drivers

Happy drivers stick around. The ISAAC Coach lets fleets like West Side Transport reward drivers who score well for eco-friendly driving. This acknowledges good work and encourages drivers to maintain good driving habits, reducing turnover and training costs.

Improving overall fleet management

The data the ISAAC Coach collects gives fleet managers a full view of their fleet’s performance. They can see which drivers are doing well and who needs more training, helping them manage their fleet more effectively. For example, if the data shows that a certain route always has poor fuel efficiency, fleet managers can look into whether the route needs changing or if drivers need more training for those specific road conditions.

Looking ahead: The impact of the ISAAC Coach on trucking

The ISAAC Coach is changing the trucking industry by making it more sustainable, safer, and cost-effective. This technology helps drivers adopt better habits, saves companies money, and protects the environment. Let’s drive towards a future where trucking stands for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

About the author

Julien-Pierre Daigle, P. Eng.

Data Analysis Engineer, ISAAC

Julien-Pierre Daigle is a Data Analysis Engineer at ISAAC. Within the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team, he participates in the development of feature engineering. More specifically, he prepares the data to make it usable by the rest of the team. Big data, in its simplest form, is practically unusable. It must be filtered, grouped, and sorted while retaining its original value and meaning. With 15 years of experience in vehicle data analysis, and 10 years with ISAAC, he shares his knowledge to tell trucking-relevant stories using the ISAAC solution data. Trained as an accident reconstruction engineer, Julien-Pierre leads the service of telemetry reporting used to explain and demonstrate the facts of incidents. As with big data, raw data alone does not explain an event. Understanding the data and the physics is therefore essential for explaining the facts.

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