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How to Identify, and Improve, the High-Risk Driver

Sutco Transportation Specialists has also incorporated in-cab video into its safety performance tracking program. It relies on the ISAAC Instruments platform including an in-cab camera and Speed Gauge, which compares the truck’s actual speed to the legal speed limit where it’s traveling.

Asking Hard Questions Vital to ELD Selection

That’s one thing I really enjoyed seeing with Veltri was that they weren’t afraid to ask the hard questions because they’ve felt the pain in the past and they’ve learned from it and they know what they want for their future solution,” said ISAAC Instruments technical solutions specialist Trent Gilles.

Quality Carriers Upgrades ELD and Fleet-Management Solutions

Quality Carriers, one of North America’s largest liquid chemical haulers, recently partnered with ISAAC Instruments to install electronic logging devices (ELD) and use the company’s driver-centric fleet-management solution across Quality’s entire fleet of more than 2,500 trucks.

Quality Carriers Switches ELDs for Better Driver Experience

Quality Carriers is moving to a different electronic logging device system that it said improves the driver experience. One of North America’s leading liquid chemical haulers, Quality will install ISAAC Instruments’ driver-centric fleet management solution across Quality’s entire fleet.

Lesson learned: U.S. Container Depot, Liquid Cargo tighten IT security

“Over the last year, technology sophistication, the proliferation of hacking techniques, and the expansion of hacking motivations due in part to COVID-19 and the enablement of the remote workforce have resulted in organizations having to review their security posture,” said Joe Russo, IT director for ISAAC Instruments.

Canada takes more systematic approach to ELD certification

ISAAC Instruments, one of the largest ELD providers in Canada, outfits fleets that are constantly crossing the border, Jacques DeLarochelliere, company CEO and co-founder, told Fleet Owner. “If you look at our big data, at any moment, you’ll see that half the trucks on our system are in the U.S.,” he said. “In terms of operations for trucking fleets, there’s no such thing as a border in trucking—except for the paperwork when you go across.”

Ontario officers begin ELD training, bus operators getting one-year reprieve

Ontario Ministry of Transportation personnel are now in the midst of lessons about electronic logging devices (ELDs) as they prepare to enforce related rules beginning June 12, 2022. “We’re going to get them trained up,” said Richard Robinson, team leader with the ministry’s carrier enforcement program, during an update at ISAAC Instruments’ annual user conference.

ELDs Enhance Productivity, Driver Satisfaction

It’s a small feature, but ISAAC Instruments’ fleet management solution can create temporary geofences based on address details to automatically alert dispatch and the customer when the truck breaks into fenced location upon arrival, or when it breaks out of the fence when leaving the customer. Alerts are sent to designated parties and it’s all done with messages.

Clock is ticking as ELD enforcement deadlines loom

“There’s change management that will happen in your fleet as you’re transitioning from paper,” said Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, executive vice-president of sales and co-founder of ISAAC Instruments. “Your biggest enemy is time – and your best ally is time.”

ISAAC ELDs certified for Canadian mandate

ISAAC Instruments says it has secured third-party certification for its electronic logging devices (ELDs), currently making it the largest supplier to meet a federal mandate’s underlying technical standards.

Tech Vendors Prepare for Canada’s Move to E-Logs

A Canadian feet may think if a device is certified in the U.S., it is certified in Canada, but it isn’t. If you’re operating in Canada, as long as you’re a federally registered carrier, you need that certification,” said Melanie Simard, compliance and safety specialist at ELD supplier ISAAC Instruments.

Dash cam crime solvers

Truck drivers and fleets began equipping their vehicles with dash cams initially to protect themselves. In some cases, the footage captured by these cameras is assisting law enforcement in conducting accident investigations the truck driver wasn’t even involved in. In one case involving a Kriska Transportation Group driver, the safety department contacted ISAAC Instruments to request footage of the incident.

How real-time coaching can boost fleet efficiency and safety

Since Tucker Freight Lines added real-time in-cab coaching from ISAAC Instruments to its fleet of dry vans and flatbeds two years ago, the carrier has increased its fleetwide mpg by one mile, saving drivers about $200 per week in fuel—around $10,000 per year. Along with better fuel efficiency, the fleet has become safer.

ISAAC founder talks AI, data privacy, and more

Jacques DeLarochelliere, the president of ISAAC Instruments – a business built on generating data – knows telematics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will play an important role in the future of trucking.

Canada’s top SME employers show compassion and resilience in the face of crisis

In a year like no other, we celebrate Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers (SMEs) 2021 for their resilience in these challenging times. Most SMEs outstanding are the myriad of initiatives targeting the well-being of employees. For instance, ISAAC Instruments Inc. includes coverage for online Best Doctors telemedicine service as part of its new health plan.

Isaac looks to expand in U.S. market

ISAAC Instruments has added three transportation veterans to its board, while eyeing growth in the U.S. market with the opening of a Cleveland office. The company says 40% of large Canadian fleets use its products and it wants to expand its presence south of the border.

The power of telematics is not limited to mega fleets

Trucks produce an enormous amount of data every day. An exact number would be difficult to determine, but the data files themselves are tiny, on the order of a couple of dozen bytes per file. We have heard it said that a typical truck can produce up to 4 gigabytes of data in a day. That’s 4 billion bytes.

Ever-expanding ISAAC Instruments opens new HQ

As fleets increasingly invest in new technologies, the truck market itself continues to grow, he explains. And their technologies are not limited to electronic logging devices, either. “Most of the fleets we are working with have been using some form of electronic logbook for quite awhile,” DeLarochelliere says. “Some of our customers have been doing it for 30 years.”

Prepare for different Canadian and U.S. ELD rules

Canadian fleets that don’t operate in the U.S. still have the option of running electronic or paper logs. Some fleets may already use ELDs (electronic logging devices), while others may be using AOBRDs (automatic on-board recording devices) or something in between.

Must-have technologies, ELDs, and government regulations

Speaking during the “technology in the workplace” panel at the Alberta Motor Transport Association Leadership Conference and AGM April 27 in Kananaskis, Alta, Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, vice-president of sales and a partner with Isaac Instruments, agreed on the importance of using forward-facing cameras, which have several benefits to fleets.

Millennial Machines: Could telematics help to attract young drivers?

The trucking industry has clearly struggled to attract a younger generation of truck drivers. Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 account for 37% of the national workforce but represented just 14% of drivers in 2011 – and that’s down from 18% of drivers in 2006. As fleets search for strategies, he suggested that today’s telematics systems offer a powerful recruiting and retention tool to help reverse the trend.

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