ISAAC unveiled five major innovations during its User Conference, which will be available early 2018. Here’s a preview.

The ISAAC InView camera

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to security, having information at the right time is crucial. The ISAAC InView connected camera system adds indisputable images to ISAAC’s irrefutable telemetry data when faced with legal proceedings due to road accidents or complaints. It provides a contextual understanding of critical events detected by ISAAC’s system thanks to synchronized videos that are accessible remotely.

The pickup and delivery module

The Pickup and Delivery module allows managing multiple shipments at a stop, thus catering to the need of LTL transporters. It also automates the accounting of the time the driver spends at client sites, be it during pickups or deliveries. It records every minute of activity or wait time, and allows the driver to enter exceptions, accessorial charges, thus simplifying billing.

The ISAAC InRealTime V5 web portal

ISAAC InRealTime V5 provides access to all of the features of previous ISAAC applications inside a single, now even faster, more flexible and user-friendly web portal. Leading-edge web-design technology was used for this innovation, which will also allow viewing the videos of ISAAC InView cameras.

The Trip sheet module

The Trip Sheet module helps automate driver payroll. It allows specifying, for each activity, whether the driver is to be paid by the hour, per kilometer or per activity. For driving, the module allows considering the geographical zone, and the vehicle speed for issuing payment by the hour or per kilometer. This feature will greatly simplify the payroll process.

The ISAAC Coach

The ISAAC Coach is the ultimate in real-time driver training tool. It provides a fair driver score that is solely based on ecodriving performance, without penalizing the driver for elements outside his control, such as the truck’s aerodynamics, engine power, truck load, road slope, and wind factor. Tests conducted in collaboration with the Centre de formation du transport routier (CFTR) have demonstrated a fuel-economy rate reaching up to 21%.

“We have made a commitment to our clients to continue developing the Internet of TrucksTM and that’s what we are doing. The ISAAC InView connected camera system will be available for purchase shortly. As for the other four major innovations, they will be integrated at no cost, just like the thirty-some new features delivered during 2017. The advantage of the SaaS model for our clients is to add value to the ISAAC solution without increasing its cost. ” says Jacques DeLarochellière, President of ISAAC Instruments.

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