Driver-centric fleet management solution provider ISAAC Instruments announced it has received mandatory third-party certification in Canada for its electronic logging devices (ELDs).

The formal certification from FPInnovations on behalf of Transport Canada comes after many months of evaluation and testing of ISAAC’s ELD solution that automatically tracks hours-of-service requirements. The certification marks the successful conclusion of an extensive effort by ISAAC to ensure full compliance with the federal regulation.

“ISAAC is proud to be included on Transport Canada’s list of certified electronic logging devices,” said CEO, chairman and co-founder Jacques DeLarochelliere. ”With 40% of the large carriers in Canada relying on ISAAC’s solution, we take our role seriously. We serve an essential-service industry and recognize that ISAAC’s technology is mission-critical for carrier operations.”

Canada’s ELD mandate went into effect on June 12, but provinces and territories are not yet enforcing the rules due to the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and because no ELD was certified by a third party prior to the implementation date. Instead, progressive enforcement is being phased into law over a 12-month period. The rule applies to nearly all truck drivers operating in Canada, including those crossing the border from the United States.

The regulation, which is similar to the mandate already in place in the United States, aims at reducing the risk of fatigue-related collisions. In the United States, ELD manufacturers are allowed to self-certify their devices, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintaining a list of registered devices. Carriers are ultimately responsible if their ELD malfunctions.

However, any device used in Canada, including those by U.S.-based fleets crossing the border, must receive third-party certification. As a result, the responsibility falls on the vendor to take action should a device malfunction. The objective of this approach is to protect carriers by ensuring that an independent authority has validated that ELDs comply with technical requirements and cannot be falsified.

The large amount of automation and single screen contextual workflow across the ISAAC solution provides a driver-friendly experience, but also means there was a higher degree of difficulty to achieving certification.

“We knew it was going to be difficult to gain certification because we offer the most automation on the market. Our product revolves around the driver, and their lives are made easier through automation, even though it made the one-size-fits-all certification process far more difficult for us,” DeLarochelliere said.

For carriers based in both Canada and the United States, a solution like ISAAC’s can not only enable your fleet to remain in compliance, but also optimize your overall operations. ISAAC’s team is ready to play its role in supporting clients in a smooth transition. Documentation as well as training is available to help carriers understand the impact of regulations on their activities. ISAAC is at the service of those who must comply with the laws and intends to fulfill that mission.

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ISAAC’s mission is to connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance. Its automated telemetry solution transforms complex data into meaningful indicators. With the continuous monitoring of both driver and truck performance, transportation companies can make informed decisions. ISAAC’s integrated mobile communication technology provides real-time connectivity between drivers and company personnel, to optimize operations and maximize profits.

With growth also comes the search for new talent. ISAAC has many open positions to fill to support its development. ISAAC’s current job postings can be found here.

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