CFTR and CFTC drivers to be trained on ISAAC

ISAAC Instruments was awarded contracts from both the Centre de formation en transport routier (CFTR) and the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC), for equipping the organizations’ truck fleets with vehicle telemetry.

ISAAC’s solution is already installed on the CFTR’s 150 trucks, and will soon be installed on the CFTC‘s 110 trucks. Annually, over 2 500 students will benefit from ISAAC’s solution as part of their training.

“The truck driver training program takes into account the industry’s requirements in terms of efficiency, skills and safety. Truck drivers trained at the CFTR benefit from high-quality professional training that considers the industry’s new realities. Choosing ISAAC’s telemetry is aligned with this perspective, explains Sébastien Roy, CFTR’s Vice-principal.

“We are trying to recreate a training environment that reflects the industry’s as much as possible. By integrating ISAAC’s telemetry and telematics in our students’ training, we ensure they acquire the required skills and experience to enter the work market, explains Eddy Vallières, CFTC’s Principal.

ISAAC continues to grow its market share in Quebec, and having been chosen by the CFTR and CFTC clearly demonstrates that ISAAC’s telemetry has become the standard in Quebec’s transportation industry.

ISAAC’s telemetry provides precise and indisputable measurements on driver performance that take into account only the factors that drivers control. This allows for fair evaluation of drivers and identifying the practices that must be improved.

“Our clients are very happy with this news”, explains Jean-Sébastien Bouchard, ISAAC’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “When recruiting new drivers, carriers who are currently using ISAAC’s telemetry will benefit from the fact that those trained at the CFTR and CFTC will already be familiar with the technology. This will accelerate their integration.”

About the CFTR and CFTC

The CFTR and CFTC are the only two designated public centers in the province of Quebec to offer a diploma of vocational studies in truck transportation. They have become renowned over the past 40 years and are the leaders when it comes to transport-related training. With numerous service points across the province of Quebec, the organizations are proud of the services they offer to persons wanting to work in the transportation industry, which is an important sector of the province’s economy. Between them, the CFTR and CFTC train close to 10 000 workers per year; men and women who contribute to society’s organization and play an important role in an industry that impacts our everyday lives.

About ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC Instruments designs and manufactures technological solutions that enable truck fleets to improve performance, productivity, compliance and safety.

Our design approach, rigorous quality control and traceability methods are inspired by those of the aircraft industry. ISAAC Instruments has received several awards and nominations throughout the years, all of which are a testimony to its innovative character.

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