Chambly, October 16, 2018 – Following a rigorous evaluation process, Trimac Transportation Services Inc. (Trimac) has selected ISAAC Instruments’ state-of-the-art technology for its truck fleet. As one of the largest bulk carriers in North America, the company aims to improve operational efficiency, achieve fuel savings and provide its drivers with an integrated solution that streamlines operations.

When we launched the ISAAC Instruments pilot, we were optimistic about the product and wanted to ensure it would perform as advertised in our application and that our workforce would endorse it. We defined an explicit set of success criteria so that our pilot results could be assessed without bias. Our assessment showed that ISAAC has delivered a robust product that our workforce found intuitive to use and that we could easily realize much of the ISAAC value proposition. The ISAAC team was eager to work with us and very responsive to our requests.

Bill Marchbank, Trimac’s Chief Operating Officer

Trimac conducted a pilot project with 125 trucks to evaluate the ISAAC solution from all angles. The company wanted to ensure that the chosen telemetry and telematics solution met all its requirements and success criteria. Among other things, Trimac validated the fuel savings potential, the intuitiveness of the solution’s user-interface for drivers and the ease of integrating ISAAC’s solution to existing systems and services. The results of the pilot project met and exceeded Trimac’s expectations. The company is now confidently launching an aggressive second phase of the project to equip the rest of its fleet with ISAAC technology.

In addition to offering a scalable solution that is perfectly suited to large companies such as Trimac, ISAAC has a strong team of dedicated specialists and project managers who ensure that the solution’s deployment goes smoothly and meets the client’s expectations. The support and assistance our team provides also helps promote and speed up driver adoption.

Jacques DeLarochellière, president of ISAAC

About Trimac Transportation Services Inc.

Trimac is one of the largest bulk carriers in North America and is in the business of providing bulk transportation, logistics, and related transportation services to meet the requirements of its customers. Trimac is uniquely qualified to respond to most service demands in North America’s key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes. Trimac’s operations in Canada and the United States are complemented by strategic partners in Mexico. From its inception in 1945, Trimac has consistently sought and achieved industry leadership and has a proven reputation for safe and reliable service. Trimac is proud to be a part of the many communities in which it operates and believes in investing and actively engaging in these communities to improve safety, public awareness, and sharing our strong history of responsible care.


ISAAC Instruments designs and manufactures technological solutions that enable truck fleets improve performance, productivity, compliance and safety. Its automated telemetry solution transforms complex data into meaningful indicators. With the continuous monitoring of both driver and truck performance, transportation companies can make informed decisions. ISAAC’s integrated mobile communication technology provides real-time connectivity between drivers and company personnel, to optimize operations and maximize profits.

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