Company overview

Trimac provides bulk transportation, logistics, and related transportation services in key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes in North America.

  • 2,082 tractors, 3,400 employees and independent contractors at over 140 branches
  • 2022 Top 10 largest transportation fleets in Canada
  • 2019 NTTC Safety Contest Winners
  • 2021 Top Fleet Employers
  • 2020 Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation

Benefits recap

  • A true technology partner for optimizing fleet management
  • Improved safety with a driver-friendly tool
  • A wealth of features

trucks installed in 8 months across 45 locations

more high-safety drivers with an 80%+ performance score

per day saved by dispatchers in data entry


With the changing FMCSA regulations for ELDs (electronic logging devices) in the U.S. in 2019, Trimac had to upgrade its trucks with compliant systems. They wished to go beyond regulatory compliance, however, and to optimize fleet management across their North American operation with specific objectives in mind.

  • Benefiting from modern technology that could cover their complete requirements scope
  • Working with a single vendor to ensure simplicity in obtaining support and consistent processes
  • Acquiring capabilities that optimize operations globally, in a driver-friendly manner

Solution benefits

ISAAC was present and committed every step of the way. They teamed up with us in managing a successful system implementation and rallied to meet challenges encountered along the way. They proved to be a strong vendor and excellent partner. ISAAC has got good people through and through, that are smart and willing to get the work done properly, working with you long after the pre-sales and sales phases.

Janet Topic

Chief Information Officer

A true technology partner for optimizing operations


Trimac’s objective to go beyond new ELD regulations compliance and globally optimize fleet management was well served with ISAAC. Both teams worked hand in hand to harness the solution’s full potential and reap maximum benefits and ROI. This effective partnership led to 5 joint projects over 2 years, following a pilot project. These projects included:

  • deploying ISAAC’s solution on 3 Trimac fleets
  • developing crude-hauling functionality for Trimac’s Canadian and U.S. operations.

The first fleet deployment involved 1650 trucks, with installation and training completed in 8 months; an undertaking that established trust and paved the way to continued collaboration.

Improved safety with a driver-friendly tool

Safety is a core value for Trimac. It is in that spirit that they began with a pilot project to test the potential of ISAAC’s solution for enhancing driving behavior with the ISAAC coach, and thus improving safety.

This rigorous three-phase trial—carried out over 3 months on 125 vehicles—showed a 53% decrease in harsh maneuvers. It also revealed how drivers liked using the new system, resulting in 3 times more high-safety drivers in Trimac’s fleet who obtained an 80%+ performance score.

The drivers love the ISAAC tablet and the way it interacts with them. They have embraced the tool and are using it for DVIRs as well. It’s intuitive. They learned it with light training and much quicker than we expected. They seemed to just take it and run.

Janet Topic

Chief Information Officer

A wealth of features that save time 

Some benefits were ready for picking out of the box in ISAAC’s solution, while others required adapting existing company processes at Trimac, and even developing software at ISAAC. The efforts invested in maximizing benefits paid off and led to streamlined operations.

  • Integration with TMW.Suite provided a holistic workflow for drivers and saved dispatchers 1 hour per day in data entry.
  • Electronic vehicle inspections reduced paper handling and streamlined truck maintenance.
  • Electronic wheel retorquing management gave safety managers centralized visibility on a safety-critical process.
  • Dedicated, real-time messaging between drivers and dispatchers lead to smoother communication and quick reaction times.
  • Document scanning capabilities reduced paper-handling, streamlined administrative tasks and accelerated billing.

On the whole, our chosen fleet management solution has provided the capacity for automating processes more than ever before and lead to a holistic workflow our drivers respond to. We have less people doing paperwork and have removed latency in the time to billing.

Janet Topic

Chief Information Officer

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