The Drivewyze® PreClear weigh station bypass service, which supports over 700 weigh stations and inspection sites across the United States and Alberta, is now integrated into ISAAC’s solution. With this service, drivers receive an alert on their mobile ISAAC tablet that indicates whether they can bypass participating weigh stations.

Using the application yields several benefits. Drivers can avoid losing time at weigh stations. Depending on their safety record, carriers may reach a bypass rate of more than 90% in some locations. Considering transportation’s low profit margins, saved time is valuable and translates into increased profitability.

“Integrating the Drivewyze service is in line with our mission at ISAAC. We connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance. Thanks to Drivewyze, our customers can increase the efficiency of their fleet and the productivity of their drivers”.

Jacques DeLarochellière, ISAAC Instruments

“It’s exciting to be partnering with an ELD provider with a strong customer base of Canadian carriers, including some of the largest carriers in the Canadian Top 100”.

“This partnership will make it easier for safe Canadian commercial vehicle operators to access the largest electronic prescreening and clearance services network in Canada and the United States without the need to install additional equipment in their trucks”.

Brian Heath, Drivewyze

Drivewyze also enhances fleet safety by informing drivers of upcoming sites, allowing them to prepare for a pull-in by changing lanes if necessary. And thanks to the messages displayed on the ISAAC tablet, drivers are also less likely to accidentally bypass a site. Carriers thus improve their Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score.

About Drivewyze

Drivewyze is the smart mobility services company for the transportation industry, and is on a mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency.

Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking apps such as Drivewyze PreClear, a weigh station bypass solution that’s delivered through smartphones and tablets, as well as integrated into leading fleet mobility technology leaders such as ISAAC Instruments.

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