ISAAC, EBE Technologies Launch Deep Link Integration

Sep 13, 2023


New seamless transition allows drivers to access EBE SHIPSMobile Content within the ISAAC workflow

ISAAC Instruments, a leading fleet management solutions provider, today announced it has completed a “deep link” integration with EBE Technologies that offers greater value to both fleet client bases.

The deep link integration saves truck drivers valuable time by creating a seamless transition that automatically launches the EBE SHIPSMobile Content app directly within the ISAAC solution.

This reduces data entry for the driver and increases data quality for the back office. It helps fleets seeking to reduce paper documents with a more efficient digital system that can speed billing and settlements by several days.

By creating this integration, fleets that use EBE can further streamline the driver experience by having the driver remain within the ISAAC workflow, while satisfying EBE’s document capture requirements.

“This deep link integration with EBE represents another innovative step for us as we continually evolve our solution,” said Mark Greco, product manager of ISAAC Instruments. “This advanced workflow feature allows fleet clients to fully leverage both products while further simplifying a driver’s workday.”

“EBE’s interface to ISAAC provides a simplified way for drivers and fleets to take advantage of EBE’s mobile content both in and out of the truck cab,” said Mike Vakulskas, SHIPSMobile Content product owner. “Automating communications to the driver from a carrier’s back-office solution educates and increases the driver’s confidence in their next dispatch.”

The EBE SHIPSMobile app allows drivers to submit trip, delivery, safety documents and driver documents from the point of service, view LMS lessons, and perform OCR using their mobile device. SHIPSMobile speeds the billing process and automatically sends missing document alerts to drivers.

EBE is one of several dozen companies that are part of ISAAC’s growing Open Platform network. ISAAC partners with leading third-party technology solutions so fleets can take advantage of additional safety and efficiency technologies.

“The deep link integration process opens the door to future innovations and possibilities,” said Greco.

About ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC offers in-cab technology that goes far beyond ELDs. We partner with trucking companies to simplify the life of drivers and keep the wheels turning. We provide a reliable, comprehensive open platform that allows fleets to integrate all of their business apps on a single device. Our real-time, in-cab coaching supports eco-driving for unparalleled fuel savings and safer highways, while artificial intelligence (AI) technology empowers informed decision-making. ISAAC is the market leader in Canada and has a rapidly growing presence among top-performing fleets across the United States.

ISAAC is a proud member of the Allied Committee for the Trucking Industry (ACT 1), an elite group of suppliers committed to industry improvement. Best-in-class fleets partner with ISAAC to achieve even greater heights.

About EBE Technologies

For 50 years, EBE has delivered outstanding solutions and services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. As one of the most versatile software companies serving the transportation industry, EBE has five product suites that address a multitude of challenges facing your company. Adaptability made EBE successful, and it’s the guiding force that drives us forward in an ever-changing world. For more information, visit

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ISAAC, EBE Technologies Launch Deep Link Integration

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The integration saves drivers time by creating a seamless transition that automatically launches the EBE SHIPSMobile Content app within the ISAAC solution.

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