Eassons Transport Selects ISAAC as New Telematics Partner

Jun 17, 2024


Data accuracy, ability to tap into third-party integrations drove Eassons’ decision

ISAAC Instruments today announced it has partnered with Eassons Transport, a temperature-controlled hauling specialist started nearly 80 years ago, to install ISAAC’s innovative and data-driven electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics platform across Eassons’ entire truck fleet.

Eassons Transport was founded in 1945 in Kentville, Nova Scotia, by William Easson, who hauled apples from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley to local markets. Shortly after, his brother Phillip joined the company, which has since grown from two trucks to 300 trucks and 320 company drivers and owner-operators. The fleet currently has seven terminals besides its headquarters in Kentville, delivering agricultural and temperature-controlled goods across Canada and the United States.

Will Easson, William’s grandson, is Director of Process Improvement and one of the third-generation family members involved in the business. He said the fleet had grown increasingly frustrated with its legacy telematics provider’s inability to deliver reliable, accurate and timely data. For example, Eassons uses engine idling reports as a key piece of its overall performance bonus program for drivers. However, more drivers were questioning their idling results, creating a sense of doubt and confusion. “It’s difficult to have a data-based conversation when you don’t have that trust. It calls the entire program into question without a reliable source of trustworthy data,” said Easson.

Combined with growing complaints about the reliability and in-cab experience of the existing device, Eassons set out to find a new, long-lasting telematics partnership to help future-proof its operations. Easson said the fleet learned from past mistakes and did a better job this time involving drivers in the selection. After an extensive research process, Easson said there was a clear consensus the ISAAC platform was “easiest to use and would allow drivers to simply log-in and go to work.”

“It’s an honor for ISAAC to be selected by a trucking fleet like Eassons Transport, with such a long and respected history. As Eassons approaches its 80th anniversary, we are excited to help them set the course for many more successful decades to come,” said Jacques DeLarochelliere, CEO and Co-founder of ISAAC.

Easson, who said he expects full implementation to be completed before the end of the year, added the established strength of ISAAC’s integration with TruckMate was an important factor in the decision to partner with ISAAC. This third-party integration is one of the dozens that make up ISAAC’s Open Platform, which allows trucking fleets to take advantage of additional safety and efficiency technologies.

Looking ahead, Easson said he is looking forward to his fleet to begin using the ISAAC Coach. This unique feature provides real-time performance feedback to drivers and is scientifically proven to help burn less fuel and reduce the chance of a highway accident or other critical safety event.

“It’s the only product we found that offers the driver a live preview of how they are doing behind the wheel,” Easson said. “We see a truckload of value in giving that real-time feedback to the driver.”

Eassons Transport’s operations include 300 trucks and 320 drivers.

About ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC offers in-cab technology that goes far beyond ELDs. We partner with trucking companies to simplify the life of drivers and keep the wheels turning. We provide a reliable, comprehensive open platform that allows fleets to integrate all of their business apps on a single device. Our real-time, in-cab coaching supports eco-driving for unparalleled fuel savings and safer highways, while artificial intelligence (AI) technology empowers informed decision-making. ISAAC is the market leader in Canada and has a rapidly growing presence among top-performing fleets across the United States.

About Eassons Transport

Eassons Transport is a leading transportation provider, safely delivering dry, fresh and frozen shipments to customers across North America. Founded in 1945 by William Easson, the team is comprised of hundreds of long-term employees, including family members, who proudly continue the growing fleet’s legacy. Eassons’ vision is to be the preferred corporate performer with family values, and the mission is to deliver value to its customer and employee partners. For more information, please visit https://eassons.com/.

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