Optimizing Engine Parameters Allows for 5-8% Fuel Savings

Mar 9, 2016


A study published by Trucking Efficiency, and initiated by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and The Carbon War Room, has shown the importance of optimizing engine parameters to improve fuel consumption of heavy trucks.

Class 8 vehicles in the North American market have over 100 customizable parameters. By optimizing engine configuration, truck fleets can achieve better fuel efficiency at no extra cost or added weight.

Fleets that make adjustments to certain key parameters can expect a 3 to 5% fuel savings, while optimizing the complete set of parameters can lead to a 5 to 8% savings.

Configuration issues can also be identified using vehicle performance information provided by ISAAC’s telemetry. «We quickly identified consumption issues on some of our new trucks that should have been fuel efficient, but were actually consuming 47l/100km. With only a few clicks, we were able to conclude that the overconsumption was not due to bad driving practices, but to a poor configuration», explained Antoine Genest of Transport Idéal. «We are now working with the vehicle manufacturer to correct the situation. Without ISAAC’s telemetry, it would surely have taken us months to identify and correct the issue».

Learn more about the study result by reading the full report.

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