Did you know that ISAAC has accessories to make drivers’ lives a little easier? Our team has developed a line of accessories that are rugged and easy to use.

  • Handstrap
    Developed to keep the tablet close at hand, the strap is comfortable, adjustable, and easy to install. It is compatible with second-generation ISAAC tablets (September 2017).

  • Tablet belt adapter
    Its purpose is to enable drivers to work on the tablet while keeping their hands free for other tasks. The adapter has a quick clip and release mechanism.

  • Tablet belt pouch
    Thanks to its straps, the pouch is compatible with both the belt adapter and a regular belt. Its design makes it easy to insert either first- or second-generation tablets.

  • ISAAC tablet dock
    Designed and manufactured by ISAAC, the ISAAC tablet dock is adapted for transportation. It is resistant to impact, intense vibrations, and harsh weather conditions. The tablet can be docked and ejected one-handed.

Please contact your project manager with any questions you may have about our accessories.

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