Jun 11, 2022


Company overview

Tandet Management Inc. is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Oakville, ON, Canada.

  • Over 200 trucks
  • More than 40 years in the business
  • Top Fleet Employer of Distinction 2021
  • NTTC Safety Contest Winners 2017

Benefits recap

  • Integration that streamlines operations
  • Simplified trip modification that saves time and money
  • Improved road safety
  • Accurate wait-time billing


less time to modify trips

more integrated features

faster workflow implementation


Constantly on the lookout for new technologies to optimize its operations, Tandet was looking for a telematics solution offering a complete and flexible application programming interface (API). The ideal solution would include quick and effective integration with their current systems. The company also wanted a solution to concretely improve driver performance and safety.

  • Integrating more features through APIs
  • Simplifying the integration process
  • Improving driver performance and safety

Solution benefits

With our previous supplier, it took two years to implement workflows, and it had only half of what we wanted. ISAAC was able to implement near perfect workflows in only three months.

Corey Cox

Vice President of Information Systems

Integration that streamlines operations

Tandet assessed several telematics solutions rigorously before choosing ISAAC. Their assessment revealed that the technology offered by other suppliers lacked flexibility, which would have required to build around 20-year-old solutions and had limited customization opportunities. No other solution offered a complete set of APIs.

Simplified trip modification that saves time and money 

Thanks to ISAAC’s integration, dispatchers can focus on the key part of their job: logistics and decision-making. They are better equipped to make informed decisions.

Without ISAAC, the process of modifying a trip could take up to 5 minutes. The simplified process delivers change instructions to drivers faster and reduces errors.

With ISAAC, we are saving almost 4 minutes per order that needs to be modified. That’s almost 16 hours per month.

Corey Cox

Vice President of Information Systems

Improved road safety

Thanks to real-time alerts on the ISAAC InControl tablet drivers can quickly adjust their driving. Driver scores on safe driving practices have improved remarkably since the implementation of ISAAC’s solution. This is all thanks to the real-time feedback they get. Instead of waiting several days before viewing their driving performance report, drivers are made instantly aware of their driving behavior on the road and make immediate adjustments.

Accurate wait-time billing 

One of the challenges in the transport industry is billing clients for actual time spent at their site.

According to a study conducted by Tandet, employees tended to round down the time spent at a site, which amounts to less than the true wait time. When each minute counts, having accurate and indisputable data optimizes both operations and the billing process.

Thanks to auto time-stamping present in the ISAAC solution, we can justify price adjustments to our clients.

Corey Cox

Vice President of Information Systems