Client success


Maximizing their ROI, Trimac did more than fulfill a compliance requirement and implemented ISAAC’s solution to enhance operations globally. The result was a 53% decrease in harsh maneuvers and a tripling of safe drivers within 3 months. Learn their story.

Walmart Canada

Modernization doesn’t need to take long. After a “lightning-fast” and “smooth” onboarding process, Walmart’s driver satisfaction is significantly up thanks to ISAAC’s solution. See how we did it.

Tranco Logistics

See why Tranco Logistics chose ISAAC’s solution that not only integrated with their McLeod Software, but also made their drivers’ and dispatchers’ jobs easier.

Mill Creek Motor Freight

Discover how the ISAAC solution enhanced safety, communication, and efficiency at Mill Creek Motor Freight, leading to improved safety scores and streamlined operations.

Sutco Transportation

Discover how the ISAAC solution provided Sutco Transportation with a reliable and integrated telematics system, optimizing workflows and enhancing safety.

Tucker Freight Lines

Discover how the ISAAC solution transformed Tucker Freight Lines, enhancing their entire fleet’s communication, efficiency, and safety.


Find out why Titanium selected ISAAC’s fleet management solution to provide an enjoyable driver experience.


Learn how ISAAC’s integration with Tandet’s transportation management system has optimized the carrier’s operations.