Mill Creek Motor Freight

Aug 16, 2023


Company overview

Mill Creek offers transborder truckload and less-than-load transportation, automotive and logistics services between Southern Ontario and the US.

  • 200 power units, 375 dry-van trailers, 260 employees and owner-operators
  • Terminals and yards in Alliston, Ayr, London, Mississauga, and Windsor
  • Top Fleet Employer since 2019
  • 1stPlace, 2020 TCA Top Fleet Safety Award Division 2
  • 1stPlace, 2022 TCA Top Fleet Safety Award Division 2
  • A KTG company: 800+ trucks, 2100+ trailers, 1100+ employees and owner-operators

Benefits recap

Building on its strong safety record was a priority for Mill Creek Motor Freight when it sought a telematics change. Since the fleet adopted the ISAAC solution, it’s seen a variety of benefits:

  • Strongest safety scores in the fleet’s history
  • Higher productivity and more home time for drivers
  • Accident exoneration and driver training using video cameras


Making an Already Safe Fleet Even Safer

When it was time to upgrade and replace its previous electronic logging device (ELD) and telematics system, Mill Creek Motor Freight knew what it was looking for.

According to Krista Murray, safety and compliance manager for the Ayr, Ontario, fleet, Mill Creek takes a proactive approach to safety. All of its drivers are highly trained and continuous learning is always made available to them.

So finding a rugged, fully integrated tablet and telematics system that could not only continue that safety trend, but improve upon it, was a key focus.

Even Better Safety Scores with ISAAC

After reviewing several different service providers, Murray says there were several key reasons the fleet selected ISAAC.

“The rugged structure of the tablet combined with its built-in telematics was a great selection for our requirements,” Murray says. By seamlessly integrating their solution with other ISAAC Open Platform partners—SpeedGauge, CarriersEdge and TruckRight—Mill Creek has recorded the best safety scores in its history for three consecutive years.

“All of these platforms provide drivers with additional information and coach them and help them with their behaviors while they’re on the road,” says Murray. “And by doing this, we have managed to secure an extremely safe fleet.”


The rugged structure of the tablet combined with its built-in telematics was a great selection for our requirements.

Krista Murray

Safety and compliance manager, Mill Creek Motor Freight

Solution benefits

Streamlined Communication and Information Flow

Once the ISAAC solution was up and running at Mill Creek, fleet managers and drivers alike quickly noticed the benefits. “It’s just much easier to manage information flow between truck and office,” Murray says. Integrating Mill Creek’s TMS within the ISAAC solution provides drivers an easier and more efficient way to complete their trips. “All information that would generally be sent through a messenger service is now updated in our back-end office as they occur,” explains Murray. “Drivers simply enter in the required information and everything is logged in real time in our system.”

Drivers also found it far easier to solve any technical issues that might come up while out on the road. “Having the ability to remote connect directly to [a driver’s] tablet makes navigating on the tablet and accessing our system easier for them,” Murray says. “Drivers really appreciate that with this technology they don’t feel lost or alone while on the road. They like having the reassurance that there is always someone available to help them when they need it.”

The Added Benefit of ISAAC InView Cameras

Another immediate safety boost for Mill Creek came by having ISAAC InView cameras installed in the trucks. They allow the fleet to see driving behavior prior to and after a potential incident.

“We can use this information to train drivers and make them aware of potential behaviors that have come out on the road and we can use this information to show them what occurred,” Murray says. “Human error plays a huge role and having this ISAAC InView camera provides us with an invaluable training tool and real-time information.”

Making Drivers Lives Safer and Easier

In the end, Murray says Mill Creek’s drivers appreciate the ISAAC solution because it simply just makes their lives easier each workday.

“Our drivers love their tablets and get full utilization from them because they know that whatever they need is just a click away,” she says.

Murray says she’s noticed that driver stress levels have been reduced since Mill Creek adopted the ISAAC solution.

“With ISAAC, we can now connect directly to their tablets and show them in real time what needs to be done. It takes a lot of the pressure off of them. That’s why the real-time connection between the fleet and drivers with the ISAAC tablet has turned out to be my favorite feature on the ISAAC Solution.”