Tucker Freight Lines

Aug 10, 2023


Company overview

Tucker Freight Lines provides transportation solutions for dry van, open deck, and specialized freight in the United States.

  • 280 trucks, 1,100 trailers
  • Four terminal locations & one full service outside shop in the Midwest
  • Voted Best Place to Work in Dubuque, IA
  • 2022 Top Woman-Owned Businesses

Benefits recap

The ISAAC solution has changed nearly every aspect of Tucker Freight Line’s operations:

  • An Enhanced Safety Program
  • Improved Communications Across Departments
  • Streamlined Maintenance Procedures


Finding the Right Telematics System Across an Entire Fleet

Tucker Freight was well aware that running a successful trucking fleet requires a careful balance of many different departments. You need to move freight in a safe and timely matter. And you need to be as fuel efficient as possible. At the same time, you need to handle maintenance costs and be able to recruit and retain professional drivers demanding high-quality equipment.

Fleets trying to stay ahead of the competition require a telematics system that can handle all of these tasks while also ensuring drivers can instantly communicate with different departments to avoid downtime.

Solution benefits

A ‘Game Changer’ Across the Fleet

“ISAAC has really been a game changer for us,” says Lynn Berning, risk and compliance manager for Tucker. “The system’s all-encompassing technology just made it a natural choice for our operations.”

As soon as the ISAAC solution was up and running, Tucker found a variety of benefits, including higher fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The fleet also saw an increase in productivity from easier document scanning and electronic filing.

The Core of the Safety Program

Berning says the ISAAC solution is core to Tucker’s safety awareness and training program for drivers. A central component is the ISAAC InView camera system. As drivers get more familiar with the benefits that video cameras can offer them on the road, they are more likely to seek performance feedback.

“We’re seeing that our drivers are now more comfortable addressing and discussing potential issues,” Berning says. “That’s because ISAAC InView identifies aggressive driving through critical events, and by reviewing the entire event, our safety coaches can have effective conversations. We use the data from the camera system to show drivers proactive driving habits and even use the not-so-great events as a teachable moment.”

Driver-Friendly Onboarding

Berning praises the ISAAC solution for providing a driver-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn and easy to use.

“We take the opportunity to train drivers one-on-one to introduce the system’s simplicity,” Berning notes. “We introduce our new drivers to the ISAAC Solution during the onboarding process. And we talk to them about the importance of efficiency, maintenance costs, and compliance in orientation.”

Greater Compliance and Less Maintenance

Berning says the customizable ISAAC solution is also helping to boost the fleet’s vehicle compliance and maintenance programs.

“We have been able to develop vehicle inspections and open deck load securement into our trip workflow,” she explains. “If an issue is identified on an inspection, our maintenance team can address it as soon as possible.”

That greater attention to detail has led to reduced wear and tear on Tucker’s trucks. That is resulting in better fuel economy across the fleet.

“We have quite a few lease trucks as well as owner-operators. So that’s money in their pocket.” Berning says. “It’s amazing the kind of cost savings that they can experience.”


Working Together to Help Drivers Succeed

Berning says Tucker Freight Lines has a partnership with its drivers—and it’s one the fleet genuinely values. “We care at Tucker,” she adds. “We want our professional drivers to succeed and be as efficient as possible. And ISAAC helps us do that.”

She says the ISAAC solution allows for efficient communication between drivers and various departments. Drivers can more easily access documents with ISAAC, such as their registrations and permits. All of which helps resolve any problems quickly and effectively.

“The sooner we can get any problems resolved with the help of the ISAAC system, keeps our fleet safe and compliant,” Berning says.

Overall, Tucker has seen a reduction in risk exposure and an increased driver buy-in on safety. “That’s because the ISAAC system reduces frustration with coaching, dispatch tracking, and equipment compliance,” Bering concludes.