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Aug 10, 2023

Truck drivers tend to lead very busy lives when away from their trucks and may appreciate a simple means of staying in touch with dispatch or fleet management wherever they are. To that end, the new smartphone app, ISAAC Connect, is a perfect complement to the rugged ISAAC tablet. Designed specifically for truck drivers, ISAAC Connect provides an additional window to some of the most useful features of the ISAAC InControl tablet software.

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The essentials at a glance

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the ISAAC Connect app is not a substitute for the tablet or any other component of ISAAC’s solution. It simply offers an additional way to perform some key functions to help connect drivers with the back office when they are away from their trucks. The main functions include:

  • Messaging with dispatch or fleet management
  • Viewing trip instructions and communicating upcoming availability
  • Getting a summary of current hours of service (HOS) information
  • Consulting reports and documents as needed

Intuitive and flexible

Smartphones have long been universal, and most people have considerable experience with mobile apps as consumers. Drivers are no exception. As such, drivers know what to expect from a well-designed app. It should be highly intuitive and easy to use.

ISAAC Connect, like any good modern app, requires no special training to figure out how to use its features. Once drivers have downloaded the app and logged in for the first time, most can start using the various features immediately. Beyond providing a highly intuitive user experience, ISAAC Connect allows drivers display all HOS regulation zones or only the zones that are necessary for their work.

Seeing what comes next

Most workers like to have an idea of what their workday will involve before starting the day. Truck drivers can enjoy the same sort of forewarning before they arrive at their workplace —their truck. ISAAC Connect does just that: it empowers drivers with the basic information they need about their upcoming activities.

ISAAC Connect lets drivers view the details of their next scheduled trip, or, alternatively, it lets them communicate their upcoming availability. They can also view their logged HOS. More generally, it enables drivers to stay on top of any important information.

Improving efficiency

A primary goal behind the ISAAC solution is to bring increased efficiency to trucking operations. The reality is that carriers run on tight margins, face fierce competition, and must comply with many regulations. Fleet managers know that even a small increase in operational efficiency can quickly generate a positive return.

This dedication to faster, more efficient operations extends to ISAAC Connect. By giving drivers one more tool to make their lives easier and help them work more efficiently, ISAAC Connect can help to raise efficiency and productivity for the entire fleet.

Making drivers happy

Driver retention continues to be an issue for carriers , everywhere. It therefore makes sense to take advantage of opportunities to keep drivers happy, particularly when there is also a direct benefit in the form of increased efficiency and productivity. The ISAAC Connect mobile app fits the bill.

Drivers appreciate having a fast, convenient, and easy way to stay in touch with dispatchers when they are away from their trucks. Meanwhile, the increased efficiency and timeliness of communications, especially in terms of knowing who is available for the next delivery more quickly, helps to better operations.

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About the author

Manon L’Espérance

Product Manager

Manon L’Espérance is a Product Manager at ISAAC. Manon leverages the knowledge she gained as an experienced user of the ISAAC solution and the key positions she held over the course of her 20+ years at Groupe Robert Inc. to promote the voice of the customer. With her understanding of the carriers and drivers needs, Manon works with the Product Team to identify opportunities to improve the ISAAC solution and simplify trucking.

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