Transport and technology

Understanding the change curve to foster technology adoption

To optimize workforce performance, a growing number of carriers are turning to technological tools such as telematics. However, the implementation of such solutions doesn’t always go over well with drivers.

Based on the most recent data, it is estimated that employers will have to recruit 48,000 drivers to meet their needs by 2024. Despite the worrying situation, you should not fear the implementation of a new solution for fear of driving away potential talent, quite the contrary.

With effective change curve management, you can easily implement a telematics solution or change your current solution. You can benefit from many advantages to attract and retain your drivers.

If you are considering implementing a fleet management solution, or if you want to change your current solution, effective organizational change management can help make it easier.

Discover in this white paper:

  • The 4 phases of the change curve

  • Practical tips to facilitate and accelerate the acceptance of change

  • The importance of communication in your organization

  • Recommendations to encourage discussion

  • Best practices to foster driver engagement

  • Unusual benefits of technology to attract and retain your staff

  • The key role of personalized support service

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