A Summer of Accomplishments for ISAAC

Sep 22, 2022


At the end of last summer, I looked back a quarter-century when ISAAC, then known as ISAAC MotorSports, began testing its first fleet of electric trucks. These long-ago achievements positioned ISAAC to help serve the trucking industry as it undergoes a “green” transition. Now, as the summer of 2022 comes to a close, I find myself not looking back decades, but instead to some of our most recent accomplishments. 

Large fleets continue to entrust us with their business

Throughout the summer, we have worked with two of the largest fleets in North America to deploy the ISAAC solution. One is Quality Carriers, a partnership we announced earlier this year. We are not at liberty yet to publicly announce our collaboration with the other major fleet, but are working closely with them to install the devices in every truck. We are also training every driver and back-office staffer, all while avoiding disruptions to regular delivery schedules.

ISO certification gives fleet clients a competitive advantage

I am tremendously proud of ISAAC obtaining the ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for information security management. It truly was an organization-wide effort, as every single ISAAC colleague went through online training during the 18-month intensive process. 

This tremendous undertaking was all for the safety and security benefit of our fleet clients. And it comes at a time of rising cybersecurity threats facing the transportation sector. That is why ISAAC always follows the highest industry standards to protect carriers’ valuable data. We believe this will continue to give our clients an important competitive edge. 

Rebranding to better reflect ISAAC’s commitment, culture 

On a somewhat lighter note, I am equally proud of the ISAAC team for the successful rollout of our rebranding and new website last month. When I first got involved in discussions surrounding a possible rebrand, I was not completely convinced it was needed. 

However, as the process unfolded and ideas sprung to life, my opinion quickly changed. Our updated color palette represents reliability, a passion for innovation, and our friendly culture. It also aligns with our core values and commitment to our clients. 

A busy conference season awaits 

Together as a team, the efforts just listed reflect a tremendous summer of accomplishments for us at ISAAC. But we are not slowing down. We have a busy remainder of the year planned, including attending numerous conferences in the United States and Canada. You can check out our events calendar and schedule a specific time to meet with our experts to learn how our solution can help your business. 

For our clients, we also have our 2022 ISAAC User Conference scheduled on November 15-16 at our offices just outside Montreal. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, connect and discover how to achieve more with the ISAAC solution. I hope to see you there!


Jacques DeLarochelliere

CEO, Chairman and Cofounder of ISAAC Instruments.

Jacques’s entrepreneurial leadership led to his nomination as a finalist in the Ernst & Young and Desjardins entrepreneurship awards. Jacques holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a flight theory and practice certification from the Kansas University School of Engineering, and specialized training in aircraft certification from Transport Canada.

Time to move forward with managed technology

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