NPTC 2022: Honoring the Top Private Fleets

Apr 18, 2022

Private fleets generally have some of the highest safety scores and lowest turnover rates in the trucking industry. This is partly because they tend to pay higher wages in order to attract top drivers. Another key reason is that they regularly invest in the latest safety and efficiency technologies. So ISAAC’s participation was fitting at the National Private Truck Council’s annual management conference and exhibition this year.

PG&E, Meijer and Hillyard win annual awards

ISAAC sponsored the Fleet Owner Private Fleet of the Year awards, which honored three deserving carriers from across the United States. Pacific Gas & Electric, one of the largest private utility fleets, was named the overall winner. PG&E operates more than 1,300 battery-electric vehicles and 60 that run on compressed natural gas.

Meijer Logistics was honored as a finalist for the award, while Hillyard was named a 2022 Private Fleet to Watch. Chuck Amen, Hillyard’s transportation operations manager, is NPTC’s new chairman. More information about the awards and what makes each of these fleets successful can be found in this Fleet Owner story.

Breakfast roundtables

ISAAC’s partnership with the trucking industry goes far beyond honoring the top performers. Our mission is to help simplify trucking. That is why we also sponsored the “Best Practices Breakfast Roundtable Discussions.”

Each breakfast at the conference was extremely well attended, with a high level of engagement and enthusiasm. Representatives of private fleets and industry suppliers, including ISAAC, came together to discuss topics including integrating younger drivers into the workforce, integrating cameras into your fleet and properly utilizing data and analytics.

Walmart Canada’s success story with ISAAC

The high level of engagement felt around Breakfast Roundtable Discussions mentioned above was also evident in the exhibit hall, where ISAAC was among the more than 170 exhibitors participating at the event. Especially after Covid-related disruptions, private fleet executives were clearly interested in discovering what new options are available to further boost the safety and efficiency of their operations.

ISAAC was among the first-time exhibitors, and we hope visitors having not yet heard of us left Cincinnati with an appreciation of our offering. This event felt like the perfect place to launch our latest success story video featuring Walmart Canada.

See the video

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