Since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization, we have been facing an ever-changing situation. Every day, new guidelines are communicated in various sectors of society, and the transport industry is no exception. As an essential service, trucking is adapting to reality to ensure business continuity, while preserving the health of workers.

The abundance of information can be overwhelming, which is why succinct and effective communication is a must when talking to colleagues (internal audience). In times of crisis, it is important to communicate frequently, be transparent and make the necessary resources available to your staff. As a carrier, you have an additional challenge when it comes to internal communication. You must pass on information and offer support to a team that is mostly on the road.

We have put together a collection of tips to facilitate the communication efforts of ISAAC solution users. These tips can be especially helpful during the crisis, and also when your operations return to normal.

Sharing Documents

Drivers have ISAAC’s mobile tablet at hand while they work. Take advantage of this to quickly pass on new safety procedures or official documentation on hygiene measures. Office staff can upload documents from the ISAAC InRealTime web portal to the tablet and make them available to drivers instantly. Document access can be given to all drivers, or to a selected group.

Messaging System

To quickly communicate with drivers and avoid the use of cell phones, ISAAC messaging is perfect. It displays notifications on the tablet when messages are received and does not interfere with driving. Priority messages can be safely handled with text-to-speech functionality.

Messaging works similarly to text messages which we are used to. All exchanges that stem from an initial message appear inside a conversation. Also, to communicate efficiently with several people, dispatchers can choose the group conversation mode. Everyone can see the answers of all group members, which saves time and ensures good comprehension.

Remote Support

With the current situation, drivers may feel more isolated than usual. Many of the services they normally have access to are limited or non-existent, and they too must practice social distancing. Receiving help with their activities from a distance will be very much appreciated and even necessary. From the ISAAC InRealTime web portal, you can access the drivers’ mobile tablets. This makes it easier to guide and advise drivers on what they need to do. 

Driver Health Checkup Activity

With a few clicks on the ISAAC tablet, drivers can fill out a form specifically developed to monitor their health daily. The form includes questions on the main COVID-19 symptoms. When a driver reports having one or more symptoms, an email notification is sent to designated managers. This feature helps provide assistance and reassurance to drivers, enables fast communication between teams and allows to intervene according to company policy.

Cleaning Equipment

Finally, here’s one last trick that doesn’t directly affect communication, but that does concern the health and safety of drivers. The ISAAC mobile tablet should be included in the new daily cleanup routine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. To avoid equipment breakage, follow these guidelines:

  • Power off the tablet by pressing the power button for about 3 seconds and follow the instructions on the screen. Remove the tablet from the tablet dock.

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean the tablet (see the list from Health Canada below). If you don’t have disinfecting wipes, use isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

  • DO NOT SPRAY cleaning products directly on the tablet.

  • Wipe the tablet surface thoroughly, with special attention to the screen area.

  • Use enough disinfectant for the surface to remain wet for the time indicated on the product instructions (from 30 seconds to a few minutes). Let the surface air dry.

The safety of transport professionals is paramount. We will continue to share tips on our blog to keep you informed of developments and support you. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our blog in order to automatically receive new articles by email.

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